Sorry! Dear Vayu* Poem by Tribhawan Kaul

Sorry! Dear Vayu*

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Breezing through rustling leaves, signs of a life commence
I adore you as cut on umbilical cord signals your presence.

Most precious of all, you sustain me through vitals
Pran Vayu, the life force to which I am entitle.

Breathing in and out, kriyas** make me feel you near
What is in name if they call you O2 or CO2, my dear.

May be eternal and perishable, what an elixir you are!
Taming you through pranayama#, some think it bizarre.

No weight, no gait but invincible when mobile with force
Unending seems to be the plight when you are on course.

You elude shapes yet shapes elude you not, beauty omnipresent
Purifying livings of toxins by ventilator natural, none to lament.

In balloons or bloated bellies, Air, you do fascinate me
Tornadoes and cyclones fueling energy, also scare me.

Let me revere and proffer flowers, boon for mankind whole
Sorry! polluted we made you, actions injurious to our souls.

Air air, you are everywhere yet no purity to breathe
In balance our lives hang, wake up or bring me a wreath?
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*Vayu: Air/ Lord of Air in Hindu mythology.
**Kriyas: Actions while doing exercises/yogic exercises
# Pranayama: Regulation of the breath through yogic exercises.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: religious,environment,religion
VAYU- the air is one of the most important elements. Others being Fire, water, earth and Space/Aakaash /aether
Rajnish Manga 15 May 2016

You have based your narrative on mythology as well as science, on ancient thought as well as present day findings. Loved reading it. Thank you, Tribhawan ji. I would like to quote: Most precious of all, you sustain me what an elixir you are! ..... Air air, you are everywhere

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