Concerned (A Story Poem) Poem by Tribhawan Kaul

Concerned (A Story Poem)

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He loved her, so was concerned
as counseling did no good to her
about her mental agony
so deciding to bring her out of shell.

He brought her to bridge on the river
sat on peripheral parapet wall
hand in hand trying to console her
he was at her beck and call.

But she was in oblivion
mingled in her thoughts
Why me? why me? Oh God! Why me?
her gibbering came to naught.

When water splashed on her face
out of stupor she came
she had heard a noisy thud
now she was a frightened dame.

Stunned, not finding him
frantically she looked into the river
negative thoughts filling her mind
blank she went triggering her to rewind.

She saw floating with him towards the crescent
The honeymooners making merry
And the life of fulfillment was so decent
She thought herself a fairy.
Sweet nothings and love bites of better half
His lovely jigs like a monkey to make her laugh
His sweet talks turning into birthday gifts
Teasing each other with genuinely looking fake tiffs.
Sitting near her bed when hospitalized
Bringing her cheer with roses at her bedside
He was love, caring and affection personified
How could she undermine what he sacrificed?
Recent miscarriage made her a depressed soul
But was he to blame?
To keep her happy was always his goal.

She became alive with tears rolling down
she shouted his name time and again.
lo, she saw him coming out of the bush, laughing
blushing, she ran to his arm sobbing.
“Threw a big stone in the river to create a splash.”
continued he, “ sorry dear, wanted to bring you
out of the crash.”
She held him tightly never to let go
“Forgive my love, I shall forget the loss.”
She promised him so
both went home to live happily ever after
story ends here
nothing more to write, hereafter.
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All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Wahab Abdul 14 September 2013

lovely story.. i love it.. well written.. kudos to you..

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Dave Walker 15 September 2013

A great story/poem. A great write.

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Lucifera Santez 15 September 2013

wow, its great. it has a musical quality to it. a ten for it. thanks for the comment. :)

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Valsa George 15 September 2013

This runs like a fairy tale, but with a lot of probability! The practical joke played by the husband helped her come out of her trauma! Enjoyed! !

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Tom Allport 09 June 2017

a wonderful love poem that has a happy ending? .........well written

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Abhishek Mishra 27 September 2013

Great story penned in a poem...liked it: -)

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Neela Nath Das 23 September 2013

This is the beginning..........fabulous write!

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Geetha Jayakumar 16 September 2013

Beautiful poem and positive story..loved reading it..

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 16 September 2013

a truly inspiring tale of love. enjoyed it.

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