Jim Yerman

Soul Mates - Poem by Jim Yerman

Everyone has a soul mate, which adds to our mystiques
That is if we are to believe the mythology of the Greeks

Zeus was the Father of the Gods, his power was unchecked
Yet even in his omnipotence he was a nervous wreck.

Take when the first humans were created, well Zeus was traumatized
When we came out with two sets of everything including legs and eyes.

He thought these strange looking creatures would someday him betray
He worried they would steal his throne and take his powers away

So Zeus came up with a plan to solve his little riddle?
He made an executive decision to split each human down the middle.

Then Zeus would look down Mount Olympus throne and laugh
As we humans wandered aimlessly in search of our other half.

Zeus figured he needn’t worry, that his powers would never abate
I mean what are the chances of one person every finding their soul mate?

But Zeus didn’t count on the compassion of his daughter as he ruled from up above
Aphrodite was her name and she was the Greek Goddess of Love.

To help you find your soul mate, here Aphrodite was quite wise.
She gave us the ability to recognize them when we look into their eyes.

It makes sense, the same eyes you shared before Zeus divided you in two
Is where you’ll find your soul mate...staring back at you.

Zeus and Aphrodite are gone now as is belief in Greek Mythology
But the idea of a soul mate...is not a myth to me.

You may have found your soul mate, or perhaps you may have not
It’s possible you may have never given soul mates a first or second thought.

But for me there is a satisfaction in knowing my soul mate came my way
It’s why I take a moment to thank Aphrodite every day.

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