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Speeches - Poem by Morphing Professor

‘Brush your hair aside so people can see your face! ’
‘Don’t act insolent, girl, show some grace! ’
‘Household knowledge is essential for you! ’
‘For god’s sake, child, stop looking so blue! ’
‘A smile makes you pretty and presentable! ’
‘Your handwriting’s quite unintelligible! ’
‘That dress makes you much too indecent! ’
‘Don’t scowl when taking photos; look pleasant! ’
‘A girl must be sweet and not looking so worn! ’
‘It’s a gift all girls have the moment they’re born! ’

‘All boys are like that; the tendency to fight! ’
‘It’s pretty normal to show off their might! ’
‘He’s gone playing with his friends out in the rain! ’
‘Splashing in the mud and looking insane! ’
‘Pummelling one another-well it’s not surprising! ’
‘Swearing and cursing more than criticising! ’
‘Tossing and throwing until something bad happens! ’
‘Playing rough sports and skipping their lessons! ’
‘Slumping on the sofa and watching television! ’
‘Playing video games until it affects their vision! ’

Who seems to be owners of those speeches?
Parents or children or grandparents or teachers?
Who condones wrong behaviours?
Who perfects little demeanours?
The exaggerated versions always carry falsity
But take a closer look at their veracity
And you will think this poem’s a lie
Now press your eyes closely you’ll see inside
Lies the truth so faint and almost invisible
Compressed by exaggeration sometimes unacceptable
And you will now know this poem’s not a lie
Just exaggerated and stretched but not to vilify
The treatments girls get so differs from boys

So prejudiced and indignant-being a girl’s not a joy.

Now this, is a lie.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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