Spiritual Foes Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Spiritual Foes

Rating: 5.0

Denial of You...
Can be as subtle as a gentle breeze
Covering pile of ungoverned cravings
Settling mind restless at bogus ease...

Rejection of You...
So far-reaching, fiercely creeping
Infuriated as tropical cyclone sweeping...

That lies destructive, mortifying
Grow as weeds more 'potent'
Than truths liberating... edifying...

That love is suffocated by selfish toxin
Self-interest in a barren region and exile
And Your Sacred Name attacked with lips defiant and hostile!

Renouncing You...
By pride - adoration suicidal of self
Breeding anger crushing, envy raging
And costly vain-glory;
The tyrannical robber of salt of the earth...
Of favors and gifts divine...

(Skating on thin ice...
Can swiftness be indeed
A safeguard from forthcoming demise? !)

Without you...
Earthlings are but sin and nil, catching sight
Of it is to climb the mount of might...
Triumphing over venomous, harsh pride.

Oh, the changing and swiftly dying
Not worthy of winning nor acquiring
Or bewitching intelligent thought
Cannot worship God for it is naught.
Forsaken by God...
Accursed slough!
The Ancient Serpent's repugnant
Nauseating blot.

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