Sorry Poem by Gregory PierreJerome


Rating: 5.0

I am just a sinner but yet is alive

I was born with a defect, a malicious effect

In the beginning they chose the forbidden fruit

Therefore I am now born with the devilish root

Please restore Your child and bless me in Your name

I need forgiveness I beg, please pardon, being I am only to blame

My life is dying as I still am falling

All wondering and wandering being obliterated

I am so ashamed of how my sins are reiterated

If only I could stop learning by experience

I need to realize that its joy by obedience

My Heavenly Father, the creator, died for me in expedience

Knowing it’s for eternal immortality restitution

Nevertheless, still I sin in vain

Living a lie with an illuminate stain

My life should be for His gain

Instead I destroy it mindfully inane

The faith I have but I lack the gift

They say it’s simple but my soul is at rift

Oh Lord, please sanctify with Your Holy blood so I may be on top of the cliff

I am scared of tribulations and running from saying, if!

Confused, lost, and just want to die, adrift

On my knees I cried grasping I had grace

Stood up and gave thanksgiving knowing He did set me free

I praise and worship you Fatherly Love Christ Jesus

In harmony, truth and spirit you reunited us

I am cheerful wanting to dance like King David

My soul is at rest now all blissful like cupid

It is really a gain to live and die for Christ

Excluding, the tribulation and persecution is very chastise

In merciful peace my head is up being guided proud

Yes, the Lord is coming back to a vicious crowd

But victory was assured on Calvary

So I say thank you Yeshua for being my reality

I exalt your name on high for You only is worthy


A repentant heart is of great worth before the Lord, priceless! His Blood paid the price. Another inspired poem, a blessing to read.; D

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C. L. 03 June 2010

I love this poem. Has great truth in in....

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