Acts 2: 42 Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Acts 2: 42

ACTS 2: 42


42And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

What is a Christian is a question people are asking on a daily basis, having the answer being the obvious of the subliminal. To follow Jesus Christ, Yehoshuah, as Lord and Saviour, to be a child of GOD Himself, and to be the very model of a life with positive morals and values with care and divine love is true Christianity. However, now Christianity is not the same instead it seems to be dead, just an ideology rather than a lifestyle of blessings. The Gospel that the disciples preached is in churches as a light but on the streets as the mockery of the millennium in every non-believers mouth as of cream on a bagel. The reality is the truth of the Bible where it predicts the very end to an unavoidable spiritual war where all is restored to CHRIST GOD for our salvation and redemption. To conclude a Christian is a person that believes in GOD and has the Bible as his or her guideline, her or his rule of thumbs for a well balanced physical and spiritual life in peace and harmony.

To continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and in fellowship is to teach and learn sharing the same gospel together as one with no distinctions. Breaking bread, namely the act of having a feast together as a family with no discrimination and racism, is part of being a well blessed Christian. Prayer, the simplest way to communicate with GOD, Jehovah, is a form of speech as in conversation with Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Breaking bread and prayer is a great key to success as a Christian when combined with fasting. Every Christian should learn and know how to fast having it be just the rejection of such that a human would lust after for an era, example: food, video games, drugs, sex, and indeed any other self pleasure or the admiration of materialistic objects. As a Christian one must know how to discern from right and wrong and judge rightfully taking in no bribes or anything of such. A Christian is a mother of nature, a protector to the supernatural, a lover, a friend, and at last a leader. There are gifts granted to the Christian as stated in 1 Corinthians 12 and these are to lead, help, and ease the job or well being of that Christian in times of hardship or confusion. Healing, miracle working, discerning of spirits, prophecy, faith, charity, and the gift of tongues are the very gifts given by GOD to every of his children when asked or even as a token. A Christian must carry these gifts as his or her attributes having the gift of tongues being the very proof of his spiritual DNA.

I hope all was the same as of the Old Testament for back than GOD was known to all well at least most, but now GOD is just a higher being, an illusion, even the scary fear of the sinner. GOD is love, peace, a well of fresh water, the very narrow path of righteousness one must seek. CHRIST is the way, the life, the truth, and the Alpha and Omega. God in the flesh from about more than 2000 years ago according to history, A Christian is a follower of good and the child of CHRIST JESUS, GOD himself. If you would like to be adapted to this heavenly family having you are already accept the truth that CHRIST died on Calvary and resurrected after three days. Get baptized in water and pray with fasting as of the day of Pentecost for the gift of the Holy Spirit, to speak in tongues proofing you are of the Heavenly Father. Winding up, I say don’t let what you don’t know be the very thing that kills you; now you know the truth be wise in your choices and God bless in Jesus Christ almighty Name.

Marieta Maglas 24 January 2011

'Get baptized in water and pray with fasting as of the day of Pentecost for the gift of the Holy Spirit, to speak in tongues proofing you are of the Heavenly Father.' Great words, Gregory! I admire your tenacity and the way you express your convictions.. God bless Mari

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 12 January 2011

Very religious indeed. It shows your deep faith in your religion. Good poem from your point of view. Please read my poem 'My beloved son, Ahsan Nazir.'

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Hans Vr 12 January 2011

Dear friend, I still admire your faith and it is expressed very well in this piece of proze. At this point I remember to poor publiccan who humbly prayed and was praised by Jesus.

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