Spoken Words Poem by Colette Dright

Spoken Words

Spoken words are what I hear
That sinks into the depth of my ear
What's reflected and brought up later in time
Are the spoken words buried within my mind
Some spoken words really should go far away
Spoken words I don't wanna deal with you today

Spoken words at times can be such a lie
They are said to make you happy, then at moments make you cry
Spoken words, spoken words, you are just so mean
You call me fat and ugly, then use curse words in between

Spoken words are a reminder of what was said back then
If spoken harsh the spoken words are hard for you to mend
Spoken words you stood there directly in my face
You said you'll never leave me, now we're distant with this space

Spoken words can be misused and often times leave you confused
Spoken words, spoken words, I just don't get
Spoken words, spoken words, so full of it

Just to remind you here are a few
Of the spoken words I thought to me was oh so true
"Call me if you need me, I'll be here for you"
But my calls went unanswered, what now am I to do?

Spoken words you said that you were on your way
Spoken words you still haven't made it to this day
Spoken words you said that I would always be your friend
Until my money I decided not to you I want to lend

Spoken words you said at the altar, "I do"
But spoken words I must ask, "Where now are you? "
Spoken words don't know the damage that was done
What was once two for years has now become just one

You said, "I love you, I got you, yeah baby we good"
Could the spoken words you said may have been misunderstood?
Spoken words said, "I'mma change, I'll try"
Spoken words can leave without even saying good-bye

Spoken out of character, out of content, out of text
Spoken words can alter what you will say next
Spoken words can tear you down and even build you up
Spoken words can strengthen you and make you oh so tough

Spoken words should be positive and to do that shouldn't be hard
Spoken words used negative you should totally disregard

Let's be mindful of the words we choose to use today
So spoken words can be remembered in a good and happy way

I love you!

Monday, November 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: communication,hurt,spoken word,talk,words
Please understand the effect of the words you use and how they can be used to build up or tear a person down. Let's be mindful of the words we use each day.
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