The Strength Of A Woman Poem by Colette Dright

The Strength Of A Woman

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The strength of a woman should not be taken for granted
Nor should it be misunderstood
It is not that she can't, for she has proven she could

The woman is uplifted by the compliments spoken
Yet torn from deceit of her heart being broken
The hurt of a woman lies within, hides within, cries within
Her smile comforts her pain
As she chose never to run away from the rain

From your stupidity, you try your best to bring her down
And now her uncertainty is shown through a frown
Shake it off, are you serious? Don't ever stoop that low
Of allowing that man control of removing your smile and glow

The strength of a woman is revealed from one who fell down
Was pushed down, knocked down, yet did not stay down
Now she began to look up, get up, climb up, stand up, and stay up

The strength of a woman, don't try to understand
Just know the power of a woman cannot be taken by man
Her future holds many possibilities that are fitted like a cap
She knows her destination without a navigation system or map
She is now the astronaut, the lawyer, the CEO and the cook
Her life is observed by many for she has written her own book

The strength of a woman to push out a life and pull a heavy load
Are some of the many stories of her journey to be told
Who is this woman that she can choose
To pick from her closet different types of shoes
Yes,3 inch heels, they hold it all
All the weight and burdens she carries when she stands tall

Through persistence, perseverance and determination
She was able to overcome, the outcome, with little income
Which shows just how she has BECOME the woman of strength

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse,break up,encouragement,endurance,moving on,peace,perseverance,strength,woman,women empowerment
Inspired by my son when he said he needed a powerful woman's poem for a performance he was in. Words and sentences just started coming in my mind. I wrote this poem in 2 days, had he not needed a powerful woman's poem, this probably wouldn't have never came about. Thank you son for inspiring me to create a poem to inspire, uplift and encourage others.
Stand Strong ladies and know your worth.
You are Beautiful and you are destined for greatness, don't let no one tell you otherwise!
Ratnakar Mandlik 21 February 2019

A forceful life song of woman depicting strengths inherent in her due to womanhood and her immense capacity to rejuvenate herself after any number of defeats due to reasons out of her control. Thanks for sharing.10++

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