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Staples - Poem by Dexsta Ray

My poetry, I never had mammon from
Hadn't ever sought it
Brought the steamroller to a vast expansion
And an empty space in time
Made a bracket, and the hourglasses
Tests of mine, these moments
Is my tests designed, integrity, or character
The likes of which I know and been familiar with
Before, the matters change
Or switch, whichever, fit, this measure
Stitched with letters
In my quilt, with the fabrics being the Scripture's words
I mean, my craft, I shatter though, in fragments as dramatic
As my drastic desperation, patent, planted like the ferns
In lamentations, paths, my lantern
Shaky, from the pain
In this archaic time, fields, made with pines placed around the edges
Of the lands, I might break this time
For real, it's surreal, and incorporeal, horologiums at night
Like fire pillars, Christ and Israelites, I feel, the faith, in ancient times
I lift the Name of Weh', forever
Praise the Savior
Evermore, I etch in stone tablets, chisels, on the stone table
Got my own factors
Copacetic, feeling so pathetic, soulful, broken, heavy
Longing, mourning, morbid strongholds, or it wasn't
Just depend on how perspective is, weapons end the physical
For naught, to hurt who
Next to see it, death was did and hid by jealousy
To devil the successful me
She said I paid for something with it, got this pain for something
But the fact had still remain
That I ain't gain, from any love I showed, but hey, since they got paid
It ain't for me, and that's okay, but thee admitted to some
Heavy stuff, they took that from her page, the same, but only she was
Paid for what she claimed had been
Which got mine slain
So I ain't coming back into the physic realm in flesh
The same embrace the mountaintop
But I don't covet it, they covered this...
And wait for me to say it so I'm labels by some governments
As consequence, for something that she did, that I ain't stumble in
But strangely, seen as equal
But my rhyme is more
Infective, my ascetics spreaded wide, but I got violence for gratuity...
I love you ma, forever, in eternal, saints thrive
The heavens magnify the Lord
Always, my purple stay flying, my ribbons on my cap
They said it's consequences
Yet they'd know my path, so obviously, was did on purpose
Early on, to own my half...
Losses unforgiven, but it's twisted like I'm on the tab
Friendships nonexistent
Since I'm vulnerable, we close as crap, they told to everybody else
As a way to mold a trap and yoke my craft without me knowing about it
Almost broke my lamp, but took the life already of the closest thing
To me, so in secret, such could gloat and laugh
I seen it every year, it hurt, I guess that's what they want to hear
And see, the sheep, of Jesus, fallen
Inside conversations
Now, but meaningful to me, the press ain't taunting like it used to do
Hard to not know we were Christians
Hearts forgot though, art did not though, see my skill
And large as my zone, marked the why
Potential threatened everything
Their hearts defined the margins by, a lot of hands was in it
Different darkness thrive
Now, I'm left, abandoned, with my angels, in the darkest time
‘Cause even if I could elope
It's strange, ‘cause would you hang out with the demonswhy your daughters die? (for example)
Or anyone the Lord supplied you, for the time
It's paradoxes, Lord decide, I sort of died, a hoard of times
But I don't want the same for that which organized it...
Reaping coals the Bible said, the staples came before my zits
The later things, was made that way, premeditated, stranger things
The Lord don't have His blind to nothing
I know ‘bout what satan framed to hide this stuff disguised
It's crummy, Rest In Peace, it's not replies to nothing
That's been said to me...
The deed already finished, but was covered up
Weh' next to me, but the evil can't see...
Praise the Lord
Breaking me, it didn't, just the way it seem
I love you, to the spirit realm
They kill the people near and dear on purpose and on top
Of everything else, the pain there

All for following the Lord in this society

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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