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Stolen Sun Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky - Poem by Yuri Starostin

Stolen sun Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky

The sun walked in the sky
And run for a cloud.
The hare looked in the window,
Became dark to him.

And the magpies
Galloped on the fields,
Cried to the cranes:
'Woe! Woe! The crocodile
Swallowed the sun in the sky! '

The darkness come.
Do not go outside the gates:
Who got on the street -
Lost and gone.

The grey sparrow cries:
'Come, sun, hurry!
It is offend us without the sun -
It is invisible in the field a grain! '

The bunnies cries
On the lawn:
Lost, poor ones, the way,
Do not to walk them to the house.

Only a cancers swollen the eyes
Climb on the earth in the darkness,
Yes the rabid wolves howl
In the ravine behind the mountain.

Early -early
The two sheep
Banged on the gate:
Tra-TA-TA, tra-TA-TA!

'Hey you, animals, going out,
Defeat the crocodile,
To back the greedy сrocodile
The sun in the sky! '

But the shaggy ones afraid:
'Where we fight with that!
He is and formidable and have a tooth,
He will not give up the sun! '

And their run to the bear in the den:
'You come here, bear, to the rescue.
Fully you suck the paw, bum.
Should go fetch the sun! '

But the bear don't want to fight:
He goes-goes, bear, around the swamp
He is crying, bear, and roars,
He calls the bear cubs from the swamp:
'Oh, where are you, thick heel, disappeared?
For whom you, me old, threw? '

And the cow bear prowling around in the swamp,
She looking for the bear cubs under the driftwood:
'Where are you, where are you gone?
Or fell in the ditch?
Or a stray dog tears out
You in the darkness? '

And all day she wanders through the forest,
But nowhere a bear cubs no finds.
Only the black owls stare their eyes
From the thicket on her.

Then the cow hare went
And said to the bear:
'It's a shame to blub an old one -
You're not a hare but a bear is.

You go, clumsy,
Scratch the crocodile,
Tear him to a pieces,
Pluck the sun out of his mouth.

And when it again
Will be in the sky to shine
Your kids is furry,
The cubs of a thick heels
Run home by their:
'Hello, grandpa, here we are! '

And the bear
The bear,
And the bear
Ran to the Great River.

And the crocodile
In the Big River,
And no a fire is lit
In his tooth-
The red sun,
The sun stolen.

The bear came quietly,
He push him lightly:
'I tell you, villain,
Spit out the sun faster!

Otherwise, look, I catch,
Break in a half, -
Will you, ignorant, know
Our sun to steal!

So a bandit breed:
Bitten the sun from the firmament
And fell under a bush
With the full belly
Yes grunts awakened,
Like a well-fed havronia.
Lost the whole world,
And no a grief to him! '

But the shameless one laughs
So that the tree shakes:
'If you want,
And the moon I'll swallow it! '
The bear
Do not bear,
The bear
And the bear
On the evil enemy.

He rumpled him
And broke him:
'Here give
Our sun! '
The crocodile scared
Screamed, cried,
And from his
Toothy mouth
The sun fell,
Were rolling in the sky!

Ran on the bushes,
On the birch leaves.
Hello, Golden sun!
Hello, blue sky!

The birds began twitter,
To fly for an insects.
The bunnies became
Tumbling and jumping
On the lawn.

And look: the bear cubs,
As a funny kittens,
Run straight to the hairy grandpa,
Thick heels:
'Hello, grandpa, here we are! '

The bunnies and the squirrels are happy,
The boys and girls are happy
Hug and kiss the clumsy one:
'Well, thank you, grandpa, for the sun! '

Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale

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