Stoning Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim


Rating: 5.0

by Freeyad Ibrahim

The woman's knees buckled under her
She slumped to the ground
She screamed and kicked
Her piercing cry reached the sky
A eyewitness describes and says
I will never, as long as I draw breath,
Forget the sound of that scream
It was the cry of a wild animal
trying to pry its mangled leg free
from beartrap, a desperate try
The bearded men hurled the stone
at the blindfolded woman in the hole
Her screams reached the sky
Before god's watching, laughing eye
She is young didn't want to die
For the woman committed adultery
to get money from the good guy
No one asked why
The First stone struck her head
The Second stone blooded her head,
The Third stone broke her head
The Fourth stone split her head
The Fourteenth shattered her head
Until red fell on red
Distorted much smaller, instead.
The stones changed its colour &shape
For God's sake!
A bearded physician examined her
Making sure she is definitely dead

You bearded Mullah's don't commit adultery
But you costless take and rape


Sylvia Frances Chan 19 March 2023

Top Marks for this powerful poem. TFS.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 21 March 2023

Religions can be described in one word (hypocrisy) ---very much pleased by seeing and reading you dear Sylvia

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 March 2023

Stoning but not in the country we live, dear Freeyad. Constantly in countries with an Islamic belief, but the woman is in most times declared guilty, not the man

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Freeyad Ibrahim 20 March 2023

Quite right dear is an old method to punish a woman commiting adultery-it was applied and still in some places where Sharia Rules avail--very much pleased to have you commented--PROUD

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