Shakespeare Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim


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by Freeyad Ibrahim

Died as he lived
He never got the world's attention
Interests did not emerge
until fifty years after his death
Born in 23 April
Died in 23 April
Only his family and close friends
attended his funeral
got a little affection
He died after suffering from typhoid fever
He was buried 17 feet deep
for fear of typhus infection
The few mourners laid a laurel wreath
on his grave
Today, his grave has become
a shrine for thousands of fans
The fact has raised him
from Descention to Ascention

Woe to fame does not come
until after death
And after he had lived long
as an unknown identification!

Freyad Hugo
(Dutch writer, author, thinker, philosopher, poet)

David Wood 16 December 2021

What a man!

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Freeyad Ibrahim 16 December 2021

correct (descention) ...sorry i did not notice!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 January 2022

Amazing poem. I have enjoyed very much.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 03 January 2022

Has raised him....(correction)

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Maria Mitea 30 December 2021

What a wonderful work about one of the greatest poets in the all world! Great Work!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 December 2021

WOW! Dear Freeyad, a poem about one of the most famous poets in the world, he was a genius, all poems by ONE man, the critics thought first that must be the result of more poets together. Excellent poem, best presentation.5 Stars!

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Freeyad Ibrahim 31 December 2021

He was described: (Ten Men in One)

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Freeyad Ibrahim 31 December 2021

Yes Dear Sylvia..he is often described as (ten men in one) wishes

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Date of birth unknown, in the London that he lived, only 1/4 of the inhabitants could read, the rest was still illiterate.Otherwise he would have become famous already and his books bestsellers.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 17 December 2021

Thanks for the comment---but not only he became famous long after his death, Gibran khalil after the passing of 60 years...others too...i'd come back to this point later--have a happy day

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