Strange Girl Staring Poem by Anne Unknown

Strange Girl Staring

I look at the girl infront of me,
the girl on the other side of the glass,
who just stares at me,
and is silent.

Her painted brown hair,
which is becoming lighter each day,
stays as unmoving as the rest of her body.

A mix of three colors,
gray, green and blue,
make up the color of her eyes.
Her pupils are wide,
because there hardly is light.

Her upperarms are rather wide for a girl,
and her fingers are long and gracious.
Her lips are full as many other girls' lips are.
Her nose is narrow until the end,
where it is a bit more round.

Her eyebrows, which are wide and unordered,
cover her long, thick eyelashes.
The girl has acne like any other teenager,
and she has a confused expression on her face.

Her mouth moves at the same time I want to speak,
so I let her speak,
but she doesn't say anything.
I raise my hand, and she lifts hers,
and we both touch the glass between us,
that is actually a mirror.
The girl standing before me, IS me.

Rozemarijn Borsboom 25 February 2010

it's an awesome poem, very good

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Anne Unknown

Anne Unknown

Den Helder, Netherlands
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