Friday, June 24, 2011

Strong On Hype

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Having a conversation,
With someone not listening.
Isn't a conversation.
It is work.
And not 'of' art!

Tedious it is to keep repeating,
Something said to someone...
With a selective process going on,
In their head.
And quick to change direction of conversation.

Don't say 'anything',
That can be interpreted as intelligent.
Someone will perceive...
The simpliest of word usage for them,
Is other than what anyone perceives to be basic.

Keep it simple,
Keep it simple,

To dumbdown these days,
In the getting of anything across...
AND comprehended,
Is no longer a matter of choice.
To get others to effectively listen,
One is practically enforced...
To use techniques at a preschool level.

Think this to be a joke?
An assumption done by one sarcastic?
Or a cynic being overly dramatic?
It isn't.

Many college professors,
Are 'literally' face to teach those...
Who can neither read at levels of high school.
Nor can write sentences without words spelled,

And yet,
There are those defending the right to fight in conflicts...
To protect an 'interest'.
And that interest is not invested in the minds of the young.

'Keep it simple,
Keep it simple,

And those comments made today,
Are not by the intructors heard...
Conducting their lessons.
Those comments are made by the students,
To those who intruct in classrooms...
By those who can not follow direction.
Nor can they keep,
On any grade level with others waiting impatiently...
Watching other stundents,
Making 'some' attempt with a trying to keep up!

To say an entire system is in dire need,
Of an innovative revamping...
Is an understatement that has offended,
Much too long in the protecting of a pretentiousness...
Stong on hype.
But not in an insight invited,
That has been in need of thorough self examination.
Lawrence S. Pertillar
Ace Of Black Hearts 24 June 2011
To fix the system I personally believe, a teacher has to accept certain students learn different ways. To be set in one way, is so closed minded. My brother and me are complete opposites I dropped out of school cause I got bored, yet my brother graduated yet I doubt he could pass a g.e.d. His intellect is especially lacking in math and science. His writing ain't much better, but yet he graduated. The schools are pushing people through whether their qualified are not. So to what you speak of I couldn't give an better example. I could write a book on this subject. We must broaden our kids horizons, if we expect to sustain life in the United States as we know it.
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