Submarine Poem by Nagourta


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I was born on a submarine
I only know what I'm told
About what I've never seen
About warmth and cold.
I was taught to think logically
But I've been beaten too many times
I must hold to sanity
I must worship the sun, the sun.

They told me yesterday
The mechanic is dead
Our vessel is far too deep
Might spring a leak they said.
I know one thing for sure
I do not want to die
Not in this metal house
Not until my eyes have seen the sun.

I live in a submarine
I worship a sun I've never seen.
I live in a submarine
I worship the sun, I do believe.

I do believe...

It's far too late
We are all going to drown
It's far too late
We're going down.


Chloe Young 17 July 2009

although this poem, is deep, it made me smile at the same time. it's very lyrical which is always great and ' i believe in the sun i've never seen' is the line i think is the most beautiful line <3

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Anabel just Anabel 01 July 2009

sooner or later we all drown I think. Lets just make the best of life! Still it is scary to think that this air will not fill your lungs and that everything will turn into darkness of white where emptyness might by awaiting and only the memories will play again and again... I love this poem pretty good!

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