Thoughts of a Single Man

Suicide Girl - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

She stands at the window watching the rain fall
as it pours from the sky
reigning over her
seen through her own swollen eyes
she is motionless
unmoving like a statue in the a garden yard
hardened and hard
asking silently for a pardon from God
her hand is aching now
for she has been holding her weapon for so long
but she is strong
knows right from wrong
but its been so long
so much hurt and betrayal as memories wash over her
like a cascade of a shower
a waterfall of reflection
in her own dripping reflection
there is no protection from them
she has fought the good fight
always trying to do what is right
but there was so munch pain
in the window pane
reflection of the window pain
reaching out to so many
and receiving back nothing but lies
she no longer cries
where is Justice when you need it
she feels defeated
there was a note written but with no commentary of late
she wonders will any one read it
she brings her hand to her head
and the metal is cool against her temple
it would be so simple
to pull the trigger and in a blur it will all be over
all she ever wanted was to be loved
but she still walks alone
trapped in an empty home
neglected by those who could use her phone
she stands so silently still
like a fading drawing or a blurred sketch
a solemn work of art
displaying a hurtful heart
if I was there I would beg her to stop
for this is a sin against Him
but I understand her plight
for sometimes the dying
are only saved by the words they write
the neighbors would hear the bang
and wonder if it was more thunder
people passing the window would see the flash
assuming it was the lighting crash
until some one sees the crimson splash
her finger ever so gently begins to apply pressure
too much pain to measure
so many ties have been severed
she closes her eyes waiting for her inner voice
to remedy the equation of choice
as liquid once again clouds her vision
decisions decisions

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 27, 2012

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