Summer Into Winter Poem by nicola burkett

Summer Into Winter

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June stars
January moon
The light dies too quickly
And the dark arrives too soon

April blossom
And august bliss
The frost in the winter
Seals your lips with a kiss

February snow
October trees
When summer dies
So do the leaves

November rain
March flowers
When winter comes
So do dark hours

July sun
September nights
When summer goes to bed
The birds all take flight

December is left
Till the very last
As we look back
At the months just past

Nicola Burkett 13 June 2019

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Nicola Burkett 13 June 2019

@Ron Leonard... Thank you for your kind words. I couldn't narrow down my favourite 3, so instead I have a list of my favourites. Please feel free to read and any comments, advice or constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated and received...

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Tailor Bell 04 December 2006

great flow and structure in this seasonal verse, Nicola. very enjoyable read. -Tailor

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Sylvia Spencer 29 November 2006

Nicky what a beautiful poem on how to describe the year this is poetry at it's best cheers Sylvie

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nicola burkett

nicola burkett

South East, London
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