Sundae? - Maybe Another Day Poem by Ranjit Ravindran

Sundae? - Maybe Another Day

Into an ice cream parlour,
One fine day,
Walked in a boy,
About 10 years old.

He took a seat,
Far from the crowd,
The waiter appeared,
To take his order.

'How much does a Sundae cost'?
Asked the little one;
'40 Rupees', Replied the waiter,
Impatiently waiting for the order.

The little one's hand,
Dived at into his pocket,
And out it came with his money,
He began seriously counting.

He looked up at the waiter again,
Who was staring at the money in his hands,
And asked in his sweetest voice,
'How much does a plain ice cream cost? '

'Thirty', he abruptly replied,
Sensing the child's financial crisis,
Also turning a bit irritated,
As he had to cater other guests too.

The child busied himself,
In recounting his money,
And then came the order,
'A simple ice cream, please.'

The ice cream was served,
Along with the bill,
For the waiter was sure,
This child couldn't afford more.

The waiter went away,
To cater other guests,
The boy had his ice cream,
Paid his bill and left.

The waiter soon returned,
To the little boy's table
To clean and rearrange,
And was shocked to see this:

The leather folder that contained the bill,
Presented a 10 Rupees tip much to his thrill.

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