Abandoned Windmill Poem by Ranjit Ravindran

Abandoned Windmill

Rating: 5.0

I feel the intensity of your pain,
As I have prayed for years in vain;
For the windmill in my university lane,
Which stands abandoned to be slain.

What a view she would present,
If made to whirl at the wind's current;
Instead she's attired in a rusty vestment,
Standing majestically to be extinct.

This is in response to 'Broken Windmill' by Ms. Marilyn Lott.

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 19 October 2009

a productive thing when kept idle ages faster...lovely narration in this poem

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Rani Turton 11 October 2009

Original and majestically presented.

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Indira Renganathan 02 October 2009

Superb presentation...read my poem on wind mills...and thanks for all your kind comments

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Indira Babbellapati 02 October 2009

great, ranjit...bring out all your treasure, quick!

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Marilyn Lott 30 September 2009

Your description of an abandoned windmill is beautiful. They are so treasured no matter how many years they stand or what condition they are in. '10! ' my friend! Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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george george 08 December 2009

Sad feeling to this poem, but well portrayed. I like it.

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Nalini Hebbar 29 November 2009

it has attracted your attention and has, thus, a purpose...you have found beauty in it

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Diane Violet 29 November 2009

a sad end to this windmill tale....but you do bring her beauty back to life!

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rago rago 11 November 2009

let her stand majesticlly...........very nice write...........

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Stacey Watts 19 October 2009

very thought out wonderful piece. nicely done.

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