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A carpet of light blinking at random,
Spreads silently in freedom;
The darkness around deepened the glow,
Unfettered it continued to flow,

I wanted to have a medical check-up,
To ascertain how healthy I was;
The next day when the sun was up,
I went to the hospital to find out my flaws.

I feel the intensity of your pain,
As I have prayed for years in vain;
For the windmill in my university lane,
Which stands abandoned to be slain.

Embraced by the fate of ageing,
My camera-phone struggles to respond in time,
Causing the best scenes to go missing,
Which I am sure will never recur anytime.

I hardly experience pitch darkness,
In this urban wilderness,
The external world is made over-bright,
Obliterating night with neon light!

As I walked over the ground free,
Carpeted with gun-powder debris,
Rockets criss-crossed my path,
Smoke blurred my vision,

Google's just an online index,
It doesn't have your website in it;
To find your poems in this cyberspace complex,
The website address is the only permit.

Call a lady by any name,
I am sure she'll remain the same,
But as I have never seen you,
Your pseudonym is my only view.

A happy and prosperous new year I wish,
To the poets at Poemhunter;
This luxurious connectivity we relish,
Will be denied as we advance further,

Shoes with whistle, I still remember,
Guarded my feet like a squeaking armour;
Every step applauds with squeaks,
And showered kisses on the cheeks.

Facebook is not as simple as it seems,
Across the world our activity it beams,
To be traced when we want to be untraced,
To dig up our posts to make us disgraced!

A sweet lady, tough and fearless,
Narrating stories that carries great lesson;
Always keeping track of my happiness,
My grandmother is indeed a grand old woman.

Insanity, Insomnia, Lonliness..et al;
My heartfelt thanks for you all,
You are the creator and curator of art;
The art that which heals my heart.

Tears of joy,
Tears of misery,
Tears of sorrow,
Tears of pain,

'Haven't you started yet? '
'The ship is still in yard', He said.
'Her maiden voyage? '
'Yes it is', He replied.

Relax your senses,
Subdue your emotions,
Ignore your intellect,
Just for once.

Through my mind's eye,
I could clearly see,
The lady and the rock,
In a single silhoutte.

At fifteen thousand feet,
Above the sea level,
On one of the peaks,
Of the Himalayan ranges,

Into an ice cream parlour,
One fine day,
Walked in a boy,
About 10 years old.

Today the Moon appears excessively bright,
Couldn't contain within itself all the light!

Has it swallowed the Sun,

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An engineer by profession, A postgraduate by education, A sweet person by disposition, A scientist by aspiration, A photographer by passion, A teacher by creation, A philosopher by evolution, ............................... ............................... ...............................)

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Carpet Of Light

A carpet of light blinking at random,
Spreads silently in freedom;
The darkness around deepened the glow,
Unfettered it continued to flow,
Over the hedges and the fences.

The carpet seamlessly expanded,
With drops of light assembling;
A bead from east, a bead from west,
All trying to bond with the best!

That fluorescent organic glitter,
Made my heart flutter,
Promising a life better!

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Madhu Vad 10 October 2009

it is really intersting and its like a experts poem

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