Ranjit Ravindran Poems

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Carpet Of Light

A carpet of light blinking at random,
Spreads silently in freedom;
The darkness around deepened the glow,
Unfettered it continued to flow,

“i Am At The Hospital, Call You Later”

I wanted to have a medical check-up,
To ascertain how healthy I was;
The next day when the sun was up,
I went to the hospital to find out my flaws.

Abandoned Windmill

I feel the intensity of your pain,
As I have prayed for years in vain;
For the windmill in my university lane,
Which stands abandoned to be slain.

Moments Uncaptured

Embraced by the fate of ageing,
My camera-phone struggles to respond in time,
Causing the best scenes to go missing,
Which I am sure will never recur anytime.

Unpleasant Light

I hardly experience pitch darkness,
In this urban wilderness,
The external world is made over-bright,
Obliterating night with neon light!

Unsettled War

As I walked over the ground free,
Carpeted with gun-powder debris,
Rockets criss-crossed my path,
Smoke blurred my vision,

A Google Gossip

Google's just an online index,
It doesn't have your website in it;
To find your poems in this cyberspace complex,
The website address is the only permit.

What's In A Pseudonym?

Call a lady by any name,
I am sure she'll remain the same,
But as I have never seen you,
Your pseudonym is my only view.

New Year Wishes, In Advance

A happy and prosperous new year I wish,
To the poets at Poemhunter;
This luxurious connectivity we relish,
Will be denied as we advance further,

Squeaky Armour

Shoes with whistle, I still remember,
Guarded my feet like a squeaking armour;
Every step applauds with squeaks,
And showered kisses on the cheeks.

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