Sunshine And The Wind Poem by Trucker Jeff

Sunshine And The Wind

Rating: 5.0

Today I am thinking of sunshine and the wind.
Have you ever passed beneath a clothes
line flapping in the breeze, soaking in sunshine?
The towel drapes itself across your face.
Breath deeply and catch the scent of the wind.
Hold it close and feel the warmth of the sun's rays.
The wind will chase away the stiffness of the fabric
as it ruffles on a stiff breeze.
And have you ever thought much
about sunshine and the wind?
My black dog lies stretched out
basking in the light as her coat soaks up
the very warmth from the sky.
The wind lays a quick caress across her
like a quick ripple on a still sea.
The wind is whispering tales of the earth in her ear
and she is unable to hear my approach.
Her nose twitches and her lips curl back, her eye lids flutter.
She sleeps dreaming in the peace of the sun.
I lay beside her. She stirs and blinks herself awake
and I feel the sun begin to warm me as the grass
is cool beneath me and I am thinking.
When gray days follow one after another
and the rain refuses to fall how I long for the sun.
And I am thinking of a prisoner locked away
in his cold stone cell. A single shaft of sunlight
beams down from a bar encased window high above him.
Does he stand in the light soaking in its freshness
dreaming of freer days? Perhaps if more time were spent thinking
of sunshine and the wind our schools would become safe
our politicians true and prisoners void of a sunny day
might slip away like the sun at dusk.
Listen to the wind swoosh across a wheat field.
see the sun paint the evening sky.
Let the earth blow the dust off your busy soul
and find joy in sunshine and the wind.

Tailor Bell 06 August 2006

You capture scenes and deliver their beauty all in a magnificant poem; tactile mesmerizing reality. -Tailor

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