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It's risky being a late blooming rose
to dare to be beautiful
when others appeal has faded away


Before the plow comes,
before the shovel scoops,
holding a breath waiting
for the storm to play out,

God sent us sad souls to the pan handle of Texas to break our heart
No oaks, no rivers, , no place to dream upon the flat earth, as a song

I love a carnival; lights, music and life.
Sing, sister, sing,

When the last tear from God
has run down your cheek
and there is no breath
left in your dreams

Cloud shadows look up at us from the ground beneath us
while their Creator dares us to
reach skyward for a touch at them
The clouds are driven before the wind.

Today I am thinking of sunshine and the wind.
Have you ever passed beneath a clothes
line flapping in the breeze, soaking in sunshine?
The towel drapes itself across your face.

I stood beside you and pulled at the tufts of jade grass
that gathered themselves closely about your trunk.
It was new spring grass and I was feeling oh so old.
I noticed the copper tinted sap that leaked,

All around me life still lingers, fragrant earth, shining stone.
Winds song breaths and rain drops tremble

Time is, time was, time will be again and where has time gone? It
absently slips by. Time is different then I once thought it to be. Time is

She came to me after the fall out.
She said I do and so did I, but perhaps to soon

I listen to a women sing a middle eastern tune,
chanting, wailing and she causes me

He put his barber sign up in1962.

He offered three different hair cuts just to satisfy you.

Hail you great city and what do I hear?

An electric cacophony of noise and noise

Where comes the darkness
that would swallow October and haunt the moon?

I stood with her in the heat of the day
beneath a dappled, cloud strewn sky,

Baby's first dance, while the band played,
and hands were raised,

I watched the moon plunge from the night
A big bold anchor, attempting to catch

A poet has to look up or down
if they want to be worth anything at all.
Look up into the pleated theater clouds
heading north across the sky.

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I found a common bond with my best friend and we enjoy getting together and reading stuff we've written. Some guys play sports, some guys have bass boats or Harley's, we have a writing studio called the island. I love the freedom of the open road, waking up someplace new each day with nothing to do but dream about words. Most of all the road allows me to miss and appreciate my baby, my darling, my wife P.J. Grab a gear and let's go. There is writing to get done.)

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Autumn Rose

It's risky being a late blooming rose
to dare to be beautiful
when others appeal has faded away

you risk the frost that could come
in the encroaching darkness
and steal away your rueful boldness

but today is warm and the eve will only be cool
and you look beautiful, sitting elegant, Intelligent
your reading glasses perched on your delightful nose

your book in hand and the simple fabric
you've Chosen to wear,
it fails to compete with the women you are,

a strikingly beautiful Autumn Rose

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Pirate Thief 19 October 2006

Read me. -Pirate Thief

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