Joe's Nail Salon Poem by Trucker Jeff

Joe's Nail Salon

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He put his barber sign up in1962.

He offered three different hair cuts just to satisfy you.

He gives a mean flat top and a buzz cut to.

His complimentary coffee is some wicked brew.

He charges just two dollars and he'll chat you up.

Leave him a quarters worth of thanks in his plastic tip cup.

Everything was just peachy till Mcdonalds moved in

and then Walmart and higher taxes and it looked like the end.

He found an add in the back of his 'Salons on the go'

about some fancy nail filing class. He decided he'd go.

He bought a big foofy chair an Italian foot washing bowl,

He makes your feet feel fine just like doctor scholls.

He tore the boots off his buddies so he could practice his art.

He'll cure your big yellow toe nails, make your feet look smart.

For fifty dollar bill he'll pour some Starbucks for you

and give you patriotic piggies, shining red, white and blue..

Joe got his picture on the cover of 'Salons on the go',

and all the ladies love going to 'PEDICURES BY JOE'

I always said Joe was loaded with business sense. Me driving my

danged old semi and Joe filing on pretty ladies toes.

' I hope their feet stink Joe! I'm kidding...You won't forget about my

appointment next Saturday....It's our little secret Joe...Don't go tellin'

no one Trucker Jeff's secret.'

Francesca Johnson 02 July 2006

Your secret's safe with us, Jeff. Promise.......... Love, Fran xx

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