The Carnival Poem by Trucker Jeff

The Carnival

Rating: 5.0

I love a carnival; lights, music and life.
Sing, sister, sing,
and hand me a dollop of that cotton candy.
I think I'll hang out in the fun house
and wish I were a clown.
How uninhibiting it must be to hide
behind that face paint and just disappear.
Maybe I'll take a turn on the Ferris wheel
and look down on all the lights and the people
and take it all in.
What a sight! what a night!
Japanase lanterns a street dance and tomorrow
is nowhere in sight.
What of the child on the merry-go-round?
All their tomorrows are on the other side of their dismount.
I want to shout at that child...'Be thoughtful! Be careful! Go slow! '
I toss a ring at a duck and see my hope disappear beneath the water
'Try your luck with the balls mister? Three balls for a buck.'
And maybe I'll knock the bottles over instead of drink them dry.
Hear the sound, see the lights and smell the grease.
The grease of life and, baby, watch the show,
the bright, bright show we call life!

Tailor Bell 01 October 2006

I enjoy this work, like many of your others, because of its unpretentiousness. there is always a great scene carefully shown with deep inner beauty and majesty. wonderful piece, Jeff. -Tailor

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Pirate Thief 08 September 2006

I liked it better before the edits. The use of the word 'uninhibited' I think trips up the flow. Now it colors what you'd like to do behind the grease paint. Before it was left to our imagination why you'd like to disappear. That said, what a wonderful poem. I know of no one who can capture a moment liek this. What a wonderful night. You need to write more. You are my favorite poet. It's been a week and...nothing. You know who you are. Write.

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