Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 521 Points (22 September / London)

Superlative Story - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

I Syntaxical Sequence
II Strange Stanza Succession Starts
III Scenario Synopsis
IV Sensuality, sense, sensibility,
V Substitute Spousal Suggestions
VI Seesaw Simplicity: Seraglio Simularities Spurned
VII Solution


Special scansion ‘S' syllabic
specious solicisms snaps,
solo solving sounds strabismic,
syllogistic systole scraps.
Syllables spring, shuffle, scuttle,
skittle syntax, scintillate
syntonically sans snuffle, shuttle -
synonyms shake sides, spine straight.

Stanza stanza swift succeeding
senses sweeps, song swifter swims,
succulent succession seeding
substitutions, surface skims.
Scrupulous semantics subtle
switchback spiral, summarize,
seek solutions smart, scrolled, supple,
solve set spectrum's smallish size.

Synonymous synchronising
sympathetic symphony
scores - Socratic symbolizing -
swivelling sonority.
Scansion salvo salvo scansion
strong succeeds, succeeding sends
successors streamlined sampling surging -
sanction seems so slight, scourge spends.

Systematic symbol spreading
'sses something sacred, seeks, -
spondee stress sarcasms shedding, -
sentiments, shapes stanzas, speaks.
Strophes sparkle, serpentining,
softly, smoothly, sussurate -
sentence studied sentence signing
splendid splicing, - skate sans sleight
Sanely, simply, slight skill showing,
shading sentences, songs stream
sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowing, -
stupendous symphony supreme.

Sundry stanzas show scene setting
scripting syllables sublime
spurred slurred soul-song silhouetting
sewing swiftly, spurns sad slime.

Serried ‘S' suite's steady study
spools studious survey surely spelt
sweeps suggestions secondary
scribing super Susan svelte.

Scenario scarce scientific
scripture sympathetic sought
superceded soporific
shorthand shortfalls, sharing sport.

Salvoes sparkling, sagenitic
sixth-sense, snaring sentence scoop,
serried series, saccharinic,
strips subliminal sensor snoop
stirring subtle sans-culottic
savored stirred syllabic soup,
shedding sorrow syphilitic
succeeding sallies score, soar, swoop.

So scrawl straggly, squirrel squiggled,
seven successive Sundays struggled
shrugged sense, sounding soundings scribbled
smooching Susan, Stranger, snuggled.

Sunset sunrise swift succeeded,
second sight spellbindingly
self-sufficient story seeded
scribe, sagamore, strayed sparingly.
Section supple subtle speeded
successive stanzas started singly,
spun sing-song stunningly screeded
surpassing self suprisingly.

II Strange Stanza Succession Starts

Spurning shantytown surroundings, squabbling siblings, - Stephanie,
Sylvie, Sally, Sarah, Sharon, Sophie, Sadie, - Susan, she
sighted Stanford's sorority, sat scholarship sagaciously
shedding shyness, satchel, sanctions, showed spry superiority.

Susan, seventeen, successful, sexily suggestive star,
studies started, sprightly, skillful, swan-song scented Shalimar.
Scorning sylvan scene so stressful, she, spectacled, short, singular,
sought society selectful, satisfying, secular.

Slender Susan snuffed short-sighted solace superficial, said
studies seemed soul's sole scope, slighted shirking students, stockings shed,
swiftly she slip-ups spotlighted, short shrift showing shifty spread,
striped socks, smocks swiped, self-affrighted sophomores sure standards shed.

Shall subsequently self-sufficient suffragette seek secondary
shoddy substitution shelters - see school's shield silliness shan't stand!
Secretaries sadomaso, schistic, sot, self-serving she,
seldom submissive, sceptre scatters, seeks spicy sweet soul's Samarkand.

Senorita, schemas scanning,
shaking soporiphic sand
sleights spirit's smug siesta spanning
subterfuges she'll scarce stand.
Soul seminal seeks, - sharp shards shed -
somewhere shapely sandy strand
shackles shattered, sects sectarian sped.
Soul shapes seraphic saraband,
satisfaction, sweetness, spread.

Summer spent, soon seasons snowy
shall succeed, sun sinks so soon.
September, seeming sunlit, slowly
stopping standing still, seeks spoon
sexy, sweet seductive, solely
sating soul - scarce set saloon.
Scorning superficial, showy
skirt, she saunters, stalwart shoon.

Sometimes sentiments seem scaring,
sometimes, self-sacrifice, stops short;
sometimes seduce, self-pity sparing,
sometimes special sweetness sport.

Sing-song see-saw separation,
syndicated section stopping -
Susan sudden spots soft-spoken
swain sincere serenely shopping, -
sparking sure sanctification.

III Scenario Synopsis

Susan sudden spotted, strolling
subjugating sonneteer,
statesman, sportsman, salesman scrolling,
somewhat supernatural seer?

Someone she, subjective, staring,
studied, suave swain's soft smile sought,
sensing subtle, sensational sharing,
shameless symptoms showed, stopped short.

Sensitive, scarcely suspicious,
sensible sans sophistry,
short shrift sending superstitious
silliness, stupidity.

Sentimental serenading
scene sets, suddenly Sue's seen
sampling sharing, stops stockading
self, seeks stranger, swain sans spleen.

Sudden sighting stranger striking,
silent Susan signalled sprightly
semaphored, - sharp sismic spiking.
Struck stock still, she, siren sightly,
several seconds suspended stood,
spirit spirit sought, strong style,
so sister soul selected should
see Sue's serious, studious smile

stimulation spelled sweet spell,
stripping selfishness sarcastic,
starting something! - spirits swell!

Susan, supple, synapse stretching,
singleminded, strictures stows.
Strange secretion subtle sketching
Shangri-la seductive sows
several sided stimulation
soars spontaneously, sadness slows,
secret strength shown scores sensation
scorning spectral shadow scarecrows.
Superceding speculation
shockwave spreads, so simply shows.
shockproof scope sans simulation.

Stimulating, sure, stochastic,
super shaman, second-sight
seemly, stoic, straight, scholastic,
sagacious seeming, shone spotlight.

Savant speaker saga's skeins spins
sloughs superfluous snake skins, sins.
Such sure stature searches stable
soulmate sympathetic, surroundings, -
sagittarian, scorpio, sino, sable?

Substituting sick succubi -
skittish, seldom steadfast - sigh! -
swapping self-serving slovens sly
satellites suburban spy,
showgirls superficial, spry,
selfish, sceptic, scarcely shy,
swain saw Susan, sure, supply
signals seeking sharing, strength, soft sky
scrutiny should satisfy -
superceding stale standby.

Secrets shed, stars scintillated -
straightaway Sesame spell,
soothing, sadness, scars sedated,
see Susan's servant's spirit swell!

Strange sensations softly singing
siren songs showed symptoms sweet,
shower storms suspended springing
surprising signs, seduced soul's seat.

Somehow swain's, slim Susan's, souls soared
shouting, scouting skies sincere.
Somewhere spellbound, Susan's soul stored
sentiments, sensations sheer.

Sundered spirits, seraphinning,
Silence stop, strum sitars sweet.
Strains start sundry sentence stringing
strainless, stainless sounds' song sheet.

Servant scribe's shorthand synopsis
shows superb simplicity
superposing symbiosis
stereo serendipity.
Superlative seems story setting
shedding superfluity,
startling sentiments Suzetting
subjects staid show substance ‘shitty'.

Suited stranger, swept, surrounded
Susan, suit sought, soon she said
sincerity succinct soul sounded
searching, stirred, stern strictness sped.


Single swain sincere, supportive,
Schwartzennegger sculpture seemed,
So Susan sifting sentiment's sieve
shivered, steamed, shook, shivered, steamed.

Stay some seconds, sweetest sibyl,
shall super Susan spinster stay,
sherry sip, skip, scrabble, scribble?
Strong shrewd sons should spring someday

Shall snowdrop satin soirée suit sheer,
sewn spangled snowflakes, sabbath smart,
sandalwood scented, scarce severe,
stupendously sweet spousal start?

Shall Susan, swain, soon single stations,
spurn so sunbeams skywards surge,
somehow sympathy's sensations
sorrow, speechlessness, submerge.

Satin svelte she Seven Senses
satisfies, sighs stifles, she
superlatives surpasses, - suspense's
soon stripped showing sensual spree

Susan, sixty, six sons strapping,
sovereign still, shall subjugate,
scepticism, setbacks scrapping,
story scripts sensations sate.

Swain so sturdy, staunch, sat sighing, sentinel stirred sentiments,
spurning scoffing sirens spying, spurred Susan - sacred sacraments!
saintly sermon signifying single stems spliced sans suspense:
sextet siblings sanctifying - settled showing solid sense.

Sappho, Skelton, Swinburne, Southey, Sottish Swift, Superman Shaw,
Spenser, Southampton, Shakespeare, Shelley, Saint-Saens, Sarasate, Satie
Schubert, Sibelius, Scarlatti, Schumann, Shostakovitch, Scelsi
Sacheverell, sister Sitwell, Sidney, Scottish Scott, Sterne, Sand set such store!
Scriabin, Schoenberg, Syzmanowski Smetana, Sor, Strauss, Stravinsky
Saxophone, string symphony, solo semiquavery, Susan's suffrage score.


Shall signorina sugardaddy saxon seek - surety -
sidesteps safeguard, sequestration, sedentary sentry spanned.

Shall some sluggard sales-clerk squalid, - storeman stout, subordinate, -
soapless, stinking sot, so stodgy, swilling, spilling stout, suffice? -
Should swine snouted sterile Stevie stevedore somehow salivate,
sample Sue's stew, swedes, spaghetti, suet, sprouts, steak saddle slice?

Should stoned scrotty stroppy street skid, spotty sebum seeping state,
swallow scrumptious sloe, strawberry, sumptuous spousal sweetmeat skill,
sasaparilla seltzers sparkly, should skinhead Simon Susan sate?
Soda siphon sipper, she snubs superficial snobs sharp, shrill,
slurping squashes syropy, she'll scorn sham, shallow silverplate.
Supposing schnorrer, streetwise, sordid, shoplift spendthrift, shekels spill
should Susan scrounger stimulate, submit, submission simulate?
Schnitzel, sauerkraut, salami, strudel supper should she still
start, stirring soup, so schnozzel salient scheming Solly shall spoliate?
Should some squire settled, stumpy, stolid, - senile superannuate -
secret settlement suggestive, subrosa sponsorship submit
shall Susan stoop seduced, soiled she? She'd spurn salacious saurian soulmate!

Should some sartorial sealskin slippered Senator shed silken shirt
subverting Susan she shall spurn such suggestions second-rate.

Should Sir Spencer Sicklybee smoked salmon sandwiches, scot-free
serve, seafood, soja seasoned scampi, squid, skate, seaweed, starfish salty sole, set shining silverware, Sevruga sturgeon seasoned slightly,
subsidise sharp spending spree, short selling stocks, shares, speculate
splendid Sue spurn sanity, shall spurious sophisticate,
snobbish saucy scion, see Sue sign silver-lined solvency
sacrificing serenity selecting security?

Stephan Stephanovitch Siberiadid: - shall Susan sink, solicitate,
Stalin's socialistic State suddenly swear spousal state?
Subversive stooping Stephan see sodden sipping sidecars, sherry,
scotch soda slurping steadily, schnapps, sidewinders, stridently.
Sedatives stomachwards soundless slid, sending sleepiness sedate,
Sulphate solutions suscitate strangest side-effects sensate.
Slowly, surreptitiously, soluble sediments stream
stern Stephan's scope shall silently suffocate.
Shall scalpel scissored surgeon sage, sympathetic, seem?
Shall some schizophrenic, spoiled, self-serving spineless surrogate,
Sigmund Sycho-Sanity, somehow Susan synchronize, -
sado-maso sinistrate socialite seduce sufficiently?

Shall suntanned steward, show skies stellar, scintillate -
stateroom servant serving swordfish smirkily,
seasick sailor starboard swaying, somehow Susan should surmise
sun-soaked sneakered, sweatshirt, shirkers shilly-shally
'spite sparerib sideboard, setting shallow shoal, Sargasso sea,
stupified. She should stop-gap solution supervise

Should social striver Sigmund Smearchild status symbols sublimate?
Sipping salamanzar sec should she super smorgasbord see,
sweets, sultanas, sauces sapid, shabu-shabu shishkabubbly
sirloin steaks supplied, spice seasoned, sabayon, soufflés, savours' spate,
shall Sue, so sweet? surrender, shell-shocked stumble swooning
See semolina, salmagundi, saltfree sorbets Siggie spooning
shishkabob, scorched shashlik, seasoned stuffing,
scones, sopa-seca succulency shan't Susan satiate!

VI Seesaw Simplicity:
Seraglio Simularities Spurned

Setting scenic: slender Starlet,
striking, smooth skinned, Susan stands,
sporting sewn smock saffron, scarlet, -
striped shift, - shingled silky strands.

Swedish satchel, scottish shoe-shod
shapely shouldered sorceress,
Semiramis, scarcely slipshod,
sensitive, sweet shepherdess.

Skintight signed slacks, straw suede slippers
seamless silken stockings sheer,
such seduction shocking strippers
seldom show, - scowl surly, sneer.
Stretched suspenders? - steamship skippers,
somewhat shoddy sailors, steer,
southern salesmen, shippers
seldom scholarship sincere!

Schistocera southwards swarming
spread starvation's sinister scourge.
Sallow Shylock, scandal stoker,
slack subterranean serial smoker,
sideburn sideshow sidler Serge -
shirt sleeved, scruple shorn, scum storming,
scorns scathingly squaw serail, sunk
scapegoats shoddy, sacking shrunk.
Such scum smooth shaven, shallow skunk,
sleazy, stage spotlights spurns seek splurge,
seldom sweet salvation's sign.
Solely salubrious sunlit surge
Signals sensual Susan's shrine.


Sun sinks slowly, - soaring, swooping,
scattered swallows streaking skim,
steadfast Susan, spurning stooping,
sowing sapphire sequins, slim.

Sunset: Susan strolls sedately,
spouse successful, super seems,
see, she smiles so sweetly, stately,
sexy, satisfied, sans schemes.

So say Slovaks, Senegalese Salvadorians, Siamese,
swat Serbians, Seychelles, Swiss, Syrians, Stockholm Swedes,
sardonic Spaniards, Singhalese, swarthy Somalis, Sudanese,
Slovenes, Sikhs, Surinamese So say sunburnt Sikkimese,
swathed saharan Saudi sheiks striding sable stallion steeds
showing swift Schumacher speeds sleek Susan's spiritualities -
specify: sense, substance, seize -special self sustaining seeds.

Subsequently situations stitch salvation, stray strands sweep, scabbard, sword, swap salutations spouse, swain, succumb, scale spired
Softly stars shine, spousing sowing, simple service sanctifies, satisfactions, she's still showing simultaneous song, surprise.

Saintly sermon sanctifying
singles stemmed, society
spliced serenely satisfying
Susan, swain - serenity!

Topic(s) of this poem: alliteration, humour, love, parody

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