Survivor Poem by Roger McGough


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I think about dying.
About disease, starvation,
violence, terrorism, war,
the end of the world.

It helps
keep my mind off things.

Kevin Patrick 09 August 2012

Im litterally rolling over myself laughing at this one, through the shear morbidness of the subject Mr McGough talks about critical issues and how they are reduced to a farce because the human mind can not think of the bigger picture It reminds me of a quote (I forget who) people will get upset over the death of one person but 6 million all they will do is shrug. this poem reminds me of that statement

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Astrid Heitmann 16 November 2013

We humans often have very narrow perspectives. We are concerned with our own little problems. The person in the poem mention global challenges. And that he uses to think about these in order to get his mind of things. He´s very selfish, living in his own little bubble not able to lift his eyes in order to see things in a wider perspective.

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Sallie Howson 30 January 2006

great isn't it? ................

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Chris Thomas 15 January 2009

Hi everyone, I have only just happened upon this sight. Loved Survivor! The depressing lines were overcome by the humour. Made me look forward more to dying, now that's when you can really start to live! I think it's fantastic being so lucky, even though if I had a swimming pool, it would probably go on fire!

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Sandra Pettersen 25 March 2014

I read the comments, and I see some of you talk about the humor, and the fact that you laugh when reading this poem. But what I can't see is the humor. I think this is a serious poem that in the last stanza says it helps keep my mind off things. and that makes the theme in the poem, the importance of global challenges. and that it makes every other problem and challenge small compared to global challenges that we face every day. In the song When we stand together by Nickelback they say that we can just turn of the TV and move on in our everyday lifes and don't even care about the wars an casualties happening in counties far away. We don't think about that the civilians in those countries have to live with war going on all around them all the time. We could feed a starving wold with what we throw away. But all we serve is empty words also says something about the western culture and our luxury compared to many countries and people living in poverty. What if you were living in poverty in a county drowning in wars and didn't have enough food to feed your family, seeing your friends die fighting for your country or religious belief, wouldn't you be jealous of the people living in peace in wealthy countries?

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WIlliam Jones 01 September 2022

I like this very much. Laughed out loud.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 March 2021

Congratulations being the Modern Poem Of The Day!

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Dr Antony Theodore 22 November 2020

I think about dying. About disease, starvation, violence, terrorism, war, the end of the world. thoughts that affects.,

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Suryendu Chaudhury 22 October 2020

The existential crisis and disdain of a twentieth century individual torn by internal and external strife is well depicted here.

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Dr Antony Theodore 15 June 2020

isease, starvation, violence, terrorism, war, the end of the world. thinking of dying. tony

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