Sweet Love So Sour Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

Sweet Love So Sour

Like I am a kid in love with the first time sweet sour taste of a sour sweet apple
I love you,
Like a blind mind happy to have lost it's sight
I love you,
Like a dummy that follows loyally,
so I follow what pleases and is right for you,
Like a captain of a winning team is bouyant,
I feel that I love you,
Like a son of the English queen,
I am only to be regarded fortunate that I love you,
Like the oceans of the world,
my love flows purer with it's waves ejecting the debris in my love for you,
Really, it is infallible
I cannot grasp an explanation cos there is none
it is intangible
thoughts alone secrete in me adrenalin
like a car with the sticker 'baby on board' is my care towards your tender heart
I call it an egg that MUST not break
but in all; still
How can it be that i love what I cannot have?
It is irony to think I am in love after only first day; but am I not?
I am not just, I am lost!
debating painfully does not change it;
'I cannot afford to love you' is the fact to be instilled in me
my heart cannot just but be broken this time
It is like a desire to marry a princess yet a pauper
does the princess' love count for anything?
I know it is obvious this rock, this obstacle, has no line of weakness
my love will only lead me to suicide also, I know
She has drawn in me a bold inerasable diagram of love that now is like a punishment to my mind
This love is killing me, it is sweet like honey but it tastes like cranberry.

Macklin MacKenzie 11 March 2009

Beautiful and intoxicating, like poisoned honey. This poem rings true.

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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