Sweet Scenery Poem by Timothy Long

Sweet Scenery

I realize its drawing near the end, it wasn't my way nor a sweet scene, it was the way I ended, never learning from what others said, the light in what some consider our darkness, I felt sadness mixed in like when you have a broken heart, mine was a broken life, stuck between the sides with a soft heart, it works with a good help and affected in the side betrayal, whos wrong or right? Write it down they said, all I see are faded lines long lost for now, a phone call away, judged by a different caller or maybe a different tale, make no night wasted or a day go by sober, so boring that way, you believe that? Much, they say much higher, emotions and all, back already, find the dirt and become clean, blank thoughts litter wasted potential, not fragile, such in good conscience or conduct, sweet sceneries last more in the productive mind forever.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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