Sweet Temptation Poem by Brittney Miller

Sweet Temptation

Rating: 5.0

Trapped by your kisses
Your sweet smell tormenting my every nerve
Your salty taste lingering in my mouth
Your fingers gentle teasing my spine
Your hot breath warming my shoulder
Your teeth sinking into my soft flesh

Lost completely out of control
Breathless and yet courageous
I flip the switch I'm the boss
I decide what happens
I pull your hair
I leave you wanting more
I leave you confused and chasseing me

Tunji Ibrahim 07 October 2012

Love emerged in genial copiousness. Passionate and real in natural cravings... impeccable lines dutifully charted.

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 01 October 2012

Provoking and very romantic... I like the way you have appealled to my sense of imagination. i bet it only takes a hopeless romantic to come up with such a piece. Great poem, i love it. write more! ! ! !

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Buddy Bee Anthony 30 September 2012

I don't need a road map or a tourists guide to get the sado/maso flavor of this delicious little morsel of writing. One thing, Brittany, I think you wanted to say two word, chasing and casing. I think you wanted him to catch you. Just my hunch. But, I could be wrong. You are Very Talented. Thank You for allowing me to read your work. I don't know if I can access any videos. I don't know if my heart could take the shock of your audio/visual eventitude....

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