Brittney Miller Poems

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Moonlight Walks

A moonlight walk guided by the stars,
Two lost souls searching for peace,
Caught in a single moment captured
By the touch of each other,

I Love You Through The Dark

Love comes and goes
life fades into death
pain lingers in the air
the light burns out

Painful Goodbye

Tears form in my heart
Silent roll down my cheek
Stopping gently on the lips
That will never know your kiss

Love Flakes

Love is like a snow flake
Flutters to the ground
Beautiful and always unique
But when captured in your hands

Beautiful Hate

Hate is passion
it is the word many fear to hear
it wraps and binds your soul

A Careless Kiss

A gentle kiss planted carelessly upon my lips,
With that look in your eyes, I can easily tell it does not belong to me,

Your broken heart searching the loneliness for companionship, your eyes searching the dark for the spark of joy that once filled them with light,

Sweet Temptation

Trapped by your kisses
Your sweet smell tormenting my every nerve
Your salty taste lingering in my mouth
Your fingers gentle teasing my spine

Lord I Am Here

Your voice is the whisper I long to hear,
Yet I drowned it out with the noise of the world.
My dirty soul, broken heart, messed up life
Is unworthy of your everlasting love.

All I Want

your hands bushes over mine
your eyes capture my soul
your stories entertain my mind
your smile takes my heart

Our Love

Our love is like the world.
Our love stands strong like the solders,
But is as gentle as a new born baby.
As the stars fall we wish for world peace.

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