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I attend kellogg High School. And have ran for Miss.Kellogg. My love for poerty runs as deap as my pride and love for my crounty. Wich I hope same I'll be given the honor of becoming a mairn. which is why I'll be enter into my Thrid year of Jr.R.OT.C.....recent updat I have graduated from high school and I am now a marine my mos is 3043....

2018 updates Now I am a wife and mother of four not a much time to ride

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Anne Havell 07 March 2014

A beautifully written poem successfully capturing tender emotions in just a few lines. Well done

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Villiamor Calventas 08 October 2012

sweet temptation tempts me to read over and over again

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The Best Poem Of Brittney Miller

Moonlight Walks

A moonlight walk guided by the stars,
Two lost souls searching for peace,
Caught in a single moment captured
By the touch of each other,
United by a gentle kiss.

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Brittney Miller Popularity

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