Sweetend Love Poem by Erin Hanson

Sweetend Love

The cresent blue moon
southern love
sunrise comming over the,
eastern edge.
next to you these roller
coaster heart rides.
never stop running for you.
welcoming the young
raising USA freedom,
for our new born arising
hands placed together,
fitting perfect
holding on to you love
never letting go.
dont let my love for you
be replaced in your heart,
by someone else.
tearing up,
goodbye cant always be forever.
can you hear my heart,
beating fast.

Baby this has to last
your arms surrounding my
body tight,
never felt as right as it
does now.
you made me feel my best,
for once in my life.
as im barely hanging.
im here so take me in.
shattering letdowns im
used to.
doesnt come close to
what you are
the beauty internal and external.
regaining smiles on worlds sunniest days
memories not where we
left off, carved a pinkish
color on your burning, heart.
breathing in, breathing out.

meeting family,
feeling as im glued to a
family album.
finally, love someone; loving back.
whishing not for ourselves but
for eachother.
through sunrise to sunset,
speeing through,
marking the days off march,
beginning the 20th, one week at day 27,
carrying on to a month, a year
a liftime.
ocean blue starrings
im not perfect and either are you,
together forever maybe we can be.

If you chose to walk away,
i would be right there waiting.
running fast as i see you, its been
a week.
dropp everything
speed- clear drops never
stop rolling.
jump into your welcoming
arms, baby im glad i have you.
Trust you, placing my heart
between the two of us.
cherish, or tear to pieces.
To embrace each kiss, hug,
memorty we share.
writing it down in the journal
of my life.
where you will always be places.
non- erasable feelings,
unexplainable, as i try to express.
your the brighten smile
for every giving day i recieve.
living to fill in the crackend heart stirred,
heart churned
refilling ht gaps in one antohers

Full beats regaining
steadily im yours.
your not my tragedy in life,
you the best thing to the tragedy path following me.
dont crash into the path,
cant afford loosing you.
to sucken within
sunsets the loveing never shall fall
behing against hate.
remaining a day late.
saving beauty,
love, peace,
goodbye heartaches.
Ive got the boy to save
my nightmares from burning
the heart and tears befalling
the blue eyed,
from an aching
heart throb.
forsave me baby

Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson

Pheonix, Arizona
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