Sweetheart I Confess I Have A Man Poem by Aisha Masha

Sweetheart I Confess I Have A Man

Rating: 5.0

Sweetheart I confess I have a Man
Not that I like cheating on you
But he just slides in when you are far from you
The empty evenings are hard to go away
He helps push them, sometimes
Then I sometimes play with the neighbours' children
Rarely am I lucky to get a TV program of interest
I desire to cook for you instead

Sweetheart, about whatever is happening in my life
Know that my days and nights are empty without you
Thank my man who helps keeps me sane
But our relationship has not gone to hell
By our own choices
We decided to keep the flame burning
He is not as handsome as you
But he is available for me

Sweetheart I confess to you alone
Shh.... I have got a new Man!
Whose name is poetry
He pens my feelings about you
Tonight, sleep tight and feel missed
Know also I think about you so much
I like thinking while I miss you
Then my Man puts my feelings on paper
Expressing my love for you!

Monday, December 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,love,poetry
Juliki Katana 06 January 2017

Aisha, when you cannot stay without writing poems then you are becoming a poet! Keep it up and you will grow in poetry.

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Rose Kanana 19 December 2016

An interesting one Aisha, poetry can be addictive but its the best way to air emotions at times. keep your 'man' sister.

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