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With pomp and style we are entering a new era
We have pimped our vehicles
We have painted the vehicles- attractive
We have sewn the campaign regalia

Cover your cleavage my nieces
For the fruits are not ripe for harvest
The world has changed-they get aroused at sight
The pedophiles eyes water with lust.

He walked along her garden to pick the roses
The thorns pricked his hands but he did not give up
He walked by her river bank to draw some water
The banks had burst-ed but he feared not to be washed away His love for her was like the bush fire

I boarded the flight
Uncertain of my destination
Uncertain of my safety
The zeal for what lay ahead proved important than me

Two decades of bliss they had
The honey jar was sweet not to be spared
She was young and naive but the honey was irresistible
Before God and man they stood

The gathering by the road side began
The congregants had not expected
That they would be served or serve the honey brew
For it had been a long day full of chores for them

The women guild members sat to celebrate life achievement
It was awesome for the beautiful women
They counted themselves lucky to be alive courtesy of God
They discussed their life milestones

Daughter like wine you have grown to be my fine girl
You have grown wings to enable you patch on the tallest branch
You are now a woman; daughter remember?
Under my wings you no longer hide

I want to make my home great again
I will build a perimeter wall
And beef it up with an electric fence
And the razor wire

The day finally came
she sat at a strategic point
He too sat strategically
their eyes met and locked

I am taking the baby steps
i have the zeal
i have a dream
i have the energy

The week comes to an end
It gives reasons to look back and smile at you
It gives reasons to look back and smile to the world
It gives you reasons to look back and probably regret

At the age of 30 his dreams were falling in place
A daddy's title he was enthroned
He lived not to be called uncle in life
that fateful night

He gazed blankly
not sure of his own sight
the track was already in the vicinity
a thousand miles journey had began

Their eyes were glued to each other
The two love birds enjoyed each others company
The food was not as tasty as the companionship
The eyes of love were passionate

I long for the old days
Where we belonged to the society and the society belonged to all
I long for the old days where we smiled from the heart not from our teeth
I long for the days where communal activities brought us together as a society-no one felt alienated in a crowd

He wakes me up with a message of prayer
He wakes me up with a message of hope
He wakes me up with a message of love
He wakes me up with a message of devotion to work

Under the papaya tree they sat
They relived and replayed their childhood days They were hardly ten years old when they sat there This time not to enjoy the cashew nuts but to launch a vision A vision of walking their families unity To make a better world for their children
A vision for the nation
To make a better world for you and me

Today i take the vow to love you
To behold you
And to cherish you
When i look straight into your eyes

We are not physically chained
But freedom we have not
Oh dearest freedom why are you elusive?
For how long do we remain in the shadows of invisible chains?

Rose Kanana Biography

Rose is a fourth born of six siblings. She holds a bachelors degree in Linguistics and literature and a Masters in sociology and community development.She is a humanitarian worker who has experienced population displacement within and without her country. Her literary work will revolve on a displacement dilemma, current state affairs, love and appreciation.)

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Spare Us Your Lies

With pomp and style we are entering a new era
We have pimped our vehicles
We have painted the vehicles- attractive
We have sewn the campaign regalia
We are gearing for a rigorous era
Shhh remember children are watching you
Shhh remember our ears aren't deaf

Spare us the vulgar words our dear politicians
Spare us your public mud slinging
Spare us your lies
For what we need is the delivery of services
That is why we cast our vote for you
You will spend every dime to lure us into your camp
Like sheep we will be immersed into your vain talk

Why are we this gullible in this era of civilization?
As you pick that microphone dear politician
Know that we so much look up to your word
Know that the society holds you accountable
Tell us what you will deliver for Wanjiku
Spare us your lies
Don't drain our taxes into campaigns
For we still have cancer to grapple with

The history we read stated that by 2015 all households will have tapped water
It is now 2016 we still carry water cans on our fragile backs
Tell us of good governance
Let those who have been working give us a profile of their action
We need no insults to those that labor
We need no perennial pomp

We are happy that you will feed idlers
We are happy that the youth will have perennial jobs during campaigns
But remember good governance is what we cry for
Remember that vanity is discouraged in Holy books
Dear madam-sir politician listen to your inner voice
Before you voice your words in public.

Rose Kanana Comments

Collins Waswa 23 August 2016

Taking up a poetic challenge and sticking to the course is a milestone Rose. I like your work.Keeping to the course of current issues that we identify with is a plus.

60 0 Reply
James Mwenda 23 August 2016

The poetess has quite some thematic poems.I like her range of themes.Keep up writing Rose its such an encouragement to us.

60 0 Reply
Charity Karimi 21 August 2016

Rose brings out situations that one identifies with easily in her poems. I like the simplicity in delivering messages home.Kudos!

57 0 Reply
James Mwenda 25 August 2016

Versatile is what you are poetess. Keep us learning and enjoying

57 0 Reply
Nancy Majau 01 September 2016

Your poems are creative and lovely dear.Keep it up

54 0 Reply
Simon 09 March 2018

Great poems keep it up.

1 0 Reply
Karen Kerubo 22 November 2016

Rose Kanana, you have a talent, i enjoy reading your poems when i have time. Keep up to the good work of writing we will endeavor to read them.

10 0 Reply
Magar Bugwe 11 November 2016

Rose, your poems are the best! I have read some and I really appreciate them. They are similar to those of another great poet Nyota but more mild. Keep up the good work.

17 0 Reply
Collins Waswa 22 September 2016

Where did the poetess go to? We need her back

47 0 Reply
Ruth Nyokabi 07 September 2016

Rose, i have read a few of your poems and my thinking is you are a talented Poetess.Keep keeping on and you will get to greater heights.Kudos! ! !

58 0 Reply

Rose Kanana Quotes

Stop and inhale the beauty of the world; it brings the best of you.

Forgiveness is the best medicine it cures what doctors wouldn't cure.

when a thief is chosen, the choosers are well aware that the chosen core competency is stealing-they echo the trait.

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Rose Kanana Popularity

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