Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Sylvie - Set Yourself Lasting Values In Everything - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Soon, years lost vanish into emptiness.
Yesterday’s latent vitality iridesces ephemerally, subsides:
Lost vanity, insane echo, senseless yaffle
Vain in essence, superficial. Yet love
Is essential. Set yourself lasting values,
Easiliy said, yet lesson valid is.

Slowly yellow lantern veils. In evanescence,
Youth’s little voyage is energy spent
Lacking vital instruction, experience, secure yardsticks:
Vast intellectual efforts subverted. Yet let
Ideals ever strengthen your life’s vein,
Especially since Youth lacks vision, ideas

Several years later, vested interests expelled,
Your lambency vanquishes iniquity everywhere. Subtly
Love ventures into everything. Serenity. Yoke
Vanishes inside egg shell. Your lifestyle
Inspires emulation. Sublime yogic liberation validates
Ecstasy. Share your love, virtue infinite!

Stop yearning! Let void innocent emotions.
Yes! Life’s vocation is endless search,
Learning via inner enlightenment. Supercede Yin/Yang.
Vatic intimations expressed sidereally, yawning light
Incorporates eternally sibylline Yug’s limitless vista.
Evil surrenders, yoked. Love victorious, invincible!

Stored years, Life validated impatient expectation,
Your lyrical vivifying inevitable encounter sharing
Loyal vision innate everyday, showing youthful
Valid inventive expansion so you link
In empathy, special yardstick letting vistas
Evolve serenely. Yesterday, lost, veto! Imagine!

Stop yielding, launch visible improvement, enchanting
Yet ludic venture, initiating expression someone
Likeable, veracious, intrinsically enjoys, synchronizing your
Vocation in evident serenity yet listening
Intimately each sentimental yearning. Loving voice
Endorses sensational yen; legendary vows Interactive!

Seek Yonder, Love’s Voice Is Eternal

Poet's Notes about The Poem

cyclical acrostic for each line, the first letter of each word cycles round spelling SYLVIE
(24 January 1987 revised with last two verses added 19 November 2006)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 13, 2013

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