Taxi Driver Poem by Rhyme sonny

Taxi Driver

I drive a taxi
People call me by the sound “ssss”
I carry all kinds of passengers
Both town dwellers and strangers

Up and down
In and around town
I need to register, pay my tax before I can operate
If I really want to meet my target, then my rate should be moderate

I work hard to get my sales, fill my tank
Eat something and save some in the bank
I provide an essential service
And so people! Respect my office

All we get from the public are embarrassments
And police harassments
This business is a duel
We battle with high cost of spare parts and fuel

In this business, I am a don
I wake up at dawn
Work till 12 mid day
Then take my car to the washing bay

I hate being caught up in traffic
Working on a rough road
And carrying a heavy load
These make me sick

I always keep my vehicle in good condition
I pay particular attention
To my brakes, tyres, lights and indicators for direction
I make sure I am comfortable in my seating position
Before I turn on my ignition

I am always attentive when my vehicle is in motion
I obey any lane indication
Especially when I am approaching a junction
I don’t park my vehicle contrary to a waiting restriction
I don’t park on the road to cause unnecessary obstruction

Generally, I avoid wrong parking and wrong overtaking
I always revise my lessons on road signs and road markings
I hate driving and talking
Driving and smoking
Driving and drinking

Listen up fellow drivers
Please make allowances for your physical limitations
Avoid distractions
Beware of intersections

Avoid changing lanes in intersections
Open up for questions
Open up for police inspections

Be current, be informed
If you are not, be transformed
Know the laws and reforms
Know the norms and conform

Learn how to write and read
Know your speed limits and don’t exceed
Don’t over speed
I know of a driver called Rashid

He was so much motivated by greed
So you will see him on the road always at top speed
His words were my wife and children have to feed
He always argued and never agreed

He went on a trip and could not succeed
Leaving his wife Fatima and son Waleed just like that
You can imagine how I felt
Rashid never like the use of seat belt

Please your country and family needs you alive
Get revived
Be careful of the way you drive
Be strong, survive

And thrive
And arrive
When you see a speed limit of 50
Reduce yours by 25
And stay alive

Brian Jani 24 May 2014

Rhyme Sonny I like this poem well done

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i wish i coud rhyme like that, nonetheless that was a very interesting poem, also quiet humorous, i appreciate taxi drivers that much more after reading your nice poem, keep it up take care :)

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Gi Galen 15 December 2008

Poetic 'files' Specific rhythms of movement … Yes, every time … survives strong, but not... It is interesting to read...

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