Be My Hero Poem by katie

Be My Hero

Rating: 3.3

would you do me a favour
and take me in your arms
take me some where out of sight
take me oh so far
away from all these people
full of hope and faith

set me down beside this lake
and sit with me a while
untill my depression fades away
untill im me again
and then

tell me that you love me
tell me that you care
for knowing you
is loving you
and without you im in dispear
so wont you be my hero
and rescue me here and now
for my other hero lost his wings
and fell upon his crown
he left me all alone
longing for some one to take me home

djean Whitney 20 April 2009

Katie, this poem is so sad but, lovely. I can feel this, being alone and feeling unloved is the hardes thing to conker, to find the light to fight to keep on going and feeling like there is no hope but I have found there is hope and there is love and there is someone how loves you. Finding them is the hared part but, wene you do you will know it is true don't give up the fight...10+++. Can you read my pome 'The War With In My Self' when you have the time. Ther are meny others hope you can read when you have the time. I love all your poems I have read and hope there are a few you like of mine.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 April 2008

hey katie...nice i wish i could be your hero..............

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