'Teflon Tom'** Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

'Teflon Tom'**

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The bed empty lies, the cutains are drawn
The night has passed by and we look to the dawn.
No labouring breath our silence to break,
or lingering looks we no longer take.
A hand raised to wave a last lonely farewell
we saw your last smile, but we never could tell
if when we returned you would still be here
and hoped that our chatter would slate all your fears.
You were an old sailor who saw death and war
and yet still you questioned what was it all for?
In later years though you found love in someone,
that person you loved was our own lovely mum.
And though she now maybe cant bring us to mind
I know in her heart all the words we would find.
She'd want you to know that you were her last love,
her champion, her guardian, her gift from above.
She knows how you cared and you cried for her pain
and if she could say she would tell you again..
That you were the sunshine she felt in her life
and she was so proud to be almost your wife.
Her heart she sends with you, please treat it with care
And give it back to her when she reaches you there.

'Teflon Tom'**
Friday, April 12, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: caring,devotion,honor,loss,love
**This was written for Tom my Mothers partner for the last 20 years, who died recently. My Mum has dementia but although Tom didn't, he moved into her dementia care home to be near and care for her. He was 96 years old and although quite ill for the last year or so he always seemed to recover well...absolutely nothing could stick to him! ! hence the reason we called him 'Teflon Tom'
Sandra Feldman 13 April 2019

A most moving poem Written with truth and love Extremely moving With tender moments, Of great human feelings, That you can almost touch. I was magnetized, and totally carried away. Your writing has that power. In a very special way.

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Lodigiana Poetess 14 April 2019

Thank you so much Sandra, this was a very special man to our family and I wanted to find a way to pay homage to him for the love and caring he gave my Mum right until the end...Love often, unwittingly, speaks a powerful language and this was written with love and gratitude. I really appreciate your comments so very much. Lodigiana xx

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