When Love Comes A'calling Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

When Love Comes A'calling

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I think love's like a stranger
who beckons at your door..
To let him in will change your life
now and forever more….

I think 'forever's' just a time
of passage in your mind.
It's long or short depending on
whatever you might find….

I think you 'find' a way through life
A path to call your own.
It's twist and bends might get you lost,
don't travel it alone….

I think 'alone's' a lonely word
So friendless and bizarre.
No one to shorten that long trek
and make it not so far....

I think that 'far's' away to go
when all you want is near.
So open up, let strangers in
don't lose love just to fear...

When Love Comes A'calling
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: alone,forever,love,stranger
never close the door to love
Dr Dillip K Swain 27 November 2017

I think you 'find' a way through life/A path to call your own-superb expression! A fabulous poem is selected as the poem of the day! Many congratulations! !

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Lodigiana Poetess 27 November 2017

Thank you so much Dr Dillip- your words are very much appreciated and thank you for your congratulation! xx

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 27 November 2017

When comes the pure and placid expression of the human soul, then it dwells in love and being kindled with philosophy within brings forth peace, bliss and happiness.......cong.for being selected P.O.D......very beautifully crafted.......thanks for sharing

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Aqua Flower 24 October 2020

A very wise write from a talented poetess. I love the way you put this together and the message here. Spot on! To my favorites! 10! !

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Akhtar Jawad 04 October 2020

A nice love poem, I really liked it, particularly its start and end.

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Shaun Cronick 15 September 2020

All doors to love should never be closed but simply removed. Lodigiana another spellbinder of a poem and a thousand apologies for not reading it sooner. I could forever wax lyrical about it. So instead I'll simply say thank you Lodigiana. Shaun.x. Take care.

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Mahtab Bangalee 17 January 2020

I think 'alone's' a lonely word So friendless and bizarre. No one to shorten that long trek and make it not so far.... beautiful poetic expression; beautifully said that the door of love is discovered forever

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Lodigiana Poetess 17 January 2020

I do so appreciate your very generous comments..thank you. Lodigiana x

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James Mclain 12 October 2019

Love can be an inch wide and a mile deep Deeper love can sleep it's yours to keep. Love the poem and it's heart beat thanks a lot. James McLain 🎸

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Lodigiana Poetess 12 October 2019

Beautiful words James, thank you so much, really appreciate yourcomments. Lodigiana x

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