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Temple Of The First King Of Shu - Poem by Luo Zhihai

★ Temple of the First King of Shu

☆ Poetry by Liu Yuxi (772-842, Tang Dynasty, China)
☆ Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)

Between heaven and earth there is a hero’s spirit
A thousand years will be awe-inspiring
Carved up China into three pieces
Would recover Five Zhu Copper Cash of Han Dynasty
Chose a great premier to found your kingdom
But your sun wasn’t like your wise and able
How sad were the quondam geishas of Shu!
Came to dance before Wei Palace

注:1)势分三足鼎——公元220年-280年,蜀主刘备、东吴主孙权和魏 主曹操三分天下,史称三国。
3)凄凉蜀故妓,来舞魏 宫前——蜀国被魏国所灭。蜀国歌妓们,随蜀国后主阿斗被虏至魏国,在魏宫殿前面跳舞。
Note: 1) Carved up China into three pieces- AD 220-280 years, King Liu Bei of Shu State, King Sun Quan of Wu State and King Cao Cao of Wei State carved up China into three pieces. The history said that the Three Kingdoms.
2) A great premier- his name is Zhu Geliang.
3) How sad were the quondam geishas of Shu, Came to dance before Wei Palace- Shu was perished by Wei. King Adou of Shu State with his geishas were captured to Wei. They danced in front of the Wei palace.

On March 21,2015 Translation

◆ Chinese Text

★ 蜀先主庙

☆ 刘禹锡 诗


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