'Temptation' Poem by Jaya Mishra


Yesternight I dreamt some false
Of you holding me
Preventing me from the fall
And I dreamt not just the lust
But the worry in your eyes
For me that you had
That you were unable to hide.

Yesternight I dreamt some strange
Of you clutching me tight
So desperate to be close
More desperate to escape that while
And I dreamt not just the touches
But the sensations it sent down my spine
Your each move on my skin
That my words can never define.

Yesternight I dreamt you
In an irresistable unusualness
That I always want you to be in
But too tough to explain
And I dreamt not just your hardness
But the softness in your breadth
The warmth it contained
Though chilling me in each sense.

Yesternight I dreamt our togetherness
Of that’s so unreal
Still feels too tempting to be true
Until I feel you everywhere
And I know I’m dreaming no more
I feel myself craving for you
To bless my needs with exact boons
I can’t wait for it to come soon……

Yash Shinde 24 October 2012

a great poem describes the feeling well................a great write...liked it

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Dave Walker 08 January 2012

Like it, a great poem.

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