Ten Years From Now Poem by Haven Leonel

Ten Years From Now

ten years from now.

what will life be like? what could i possibly become.
its a large world, short life and i'm just one of billions.
i could make millions but thats something i cant promise
in fact lets be honest chances are if your nice and modest

you'll be walked on and trampled into the ground
when your knocked down you'll stay down and never noticed or found
if you cant shine all around, stay in the darkness of night
even when you cant breathe you need to fight when you can fight

if you cant punch life then kick if you cant kick then bite
without motivation you wont win, with it you might
stand upright and let your spirit ignight a blast of light
shoot for the moon? no, let your mind, body and soul unite

let your heart take flight to an unreachable hight
ten years from now i see a new sight, a life completely fearless
you'll be breathless when you see my possibities are endless
i'll be a legend and make it ageless i'll be tameless

like a lion chianless, i'll be undoubtedly famous
only difference is i'll be smart and not brainless
i'll be known to the world, make a name to not be nameless
like a pebble in the pond my life will not be waveless

i'll put the entire ocean in motion i'm not boasting
im not faking i'll live a life free of drugs or drinking
you'll be shaking when you see the risk that i'll be making
the lives that i'll be changing, limitations i'll be breaking

for better or worse, which ever comes first.
lifes a bull and i'll take it by the horns even if it hurts
i will learn everything and turn learning into a thirst
i'll train myself to survive until my heart bursts

i'll learn to write, fight, fix, act and maybe even sing
this is my life and there a whole world out there for the taking.

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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