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ten years from now.

what will life be like? what could i possibly become.
its a large world, short life and i'm just one of billions.

I Had this friend when i was ten,
she was a sweetheart way back then.
We'd laugh and play, we'd talk all day,
and say the things we'd want to say.

I once heard a story straight from the heart,
about a boy and how his world began to fall apart.
It all started when he met the girl that made his life complete,
just thinking of her made his heart skip a beat.

for those of you who do not like 'rap' then do not read this.. i do not usually write rap lyrics but there is a first time for everything.

This is my life,
its a life filled with expirience,

I hate it when a girl just doesn't have a clue,
like you try to give her hints but she cant understand you.
She'll say I love you, and you'll say I love you too,
but she'll never understand how much you really do.

Have you ever had a dream feel more real then reality?
Like a possible analogy of what life could or couldn’t be.
Consider the possibility of dreaming infinitely
Like an hour long dream multiplied by infinity

My name is Evan Maltese and yes I am a show off,
I’m the typical showoff that you try to blow off.
When I try to say hello to you, you try to say goodbye,
Because you know deep down inside me all I ever do is lie.

I'm going to give you all a little piece of advice.
I'm just telling this to all of you to be nice.
Next time you want to start drama, you need to think twice.
Remember that the things you do or say may come with a price.

So many thoughts are going through my mind.

I'm so confused i cant even walk in a straight line.

girls like guys that push them, shove them and call them names

play with their heart as though it was a game

Once upon a time, not long ago
Where a witch loved life and lived life slow
Slept a princess who could only wake up with a kiss
It’s a fairy tale and it goes something like this

100 thousand people, give or take a few I say
that’s how many people have their life taken away
just 100 thousand right? You think that’s nothing to fear?
More lives then that number are born every year.

This girl is my dream turned to reality,
Its hard to believe she could like anything about me.
My brothers pretty proud of me, says she brings the best out of me.
She cant be real shes a dream shes gotta be.

life is harsh and cold
where we live in fear
like thers sharks in the water
like theres death in the air

i like to write, i find it helps me sleep through the night.
even in my darkest times it can bring out the light
such as today, my day was not very bright
started off amazing then turned into a fight


They say that life is not a game but I have to admit
It seems to be the same or pretty close to it
You got your characters and stories
Your Challengers and worries

Excuses excuses, I promise they're not useless
I've dished out so many for many different uses
The basic simple use is, they helped prevent the bruises
The pain and the hurt from facing what the truth is

I took a chance to live, head high, stood tall
gave what I could give, and she took it all

She started out as a friend, one I wanted to kiss

Throw me in cage with a lion and a bear
Thru motivation I'll survive Im not lying I swear
I can't hear you anymore I can't listen, please stop talking
Your scared to make a move so hit the road and start walking.

Crown me victory

There comes a point in all our lives
When we must open up our eyes

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Ten Years From Now

ten years from now.

what will life be like? what could i possibly become.
its a large world, short life and i'm just one of billions.
i could make millions but thats something i cant promise
in fact lets be honest chances are if your nice and modest

you'll be walked on and trampled into the ground
when your knocked down you'll stay down and never noticed or found
if you cant shine all around, stay in the darkness of night
even when you cant breathe you need to fight when you can fight

if you cant punch life then kick if you cant kick then bite
without motivation you wont win, with it you might
stand upright and let your spirit ignight a blast of light
shoot for the moon? no, let your mind, body and soul unite

let your heart take flight to an unreachable hight
ten years from now i see a new sight, a life completely fearless
you'll be breathless when you see my possibities are endless
i'll be a legend and make it ageless i'll be tameless

like a lion chianless, i'll be undoubtedly famous
only difference is i'll be smart and not brainless
i'll be known to the world, make a name to not be nameless
like a pebble in the pond my life will not be waveless

i'll put the entire ocean in motion i'm not boasting
im not faking i'll live a life free of drugs or drinking
you'll be shaking when you see the risk that i'll be making
the lives that i'll be changing, limitations i'll be breaking

for better or worse, which ever comes first.
lifes a bull and i'll take it by the horns even if it hurts
i will learn everything and turn learning into a thirst
i'll train myself to survive until my heart bursts

i'll learn to write, fight, fix, act and maybe even sing
this is my life and there a whole world out there for the taking.

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'Without light, we are blind; without darkness, we are blinded.'

Without light, we'd be blind. Without darkness, we would be blinded

The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how we can.

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