Second Chance Poem by Haven Leonel

Second Chance

life is harsh and cold
where we live in fear
like thers sharks in the water
like theres death in the air
you can walk for miles
yet end up no where
its the path we choose
that leaves us brave or scared
you held me once then let me go
im used to that because its all i knew
then when im with her its like something new
she helps me through pain caused by you
its like dreaming of perfect skies of blue
she makes me feel theres nothing i cant do
she lifts me up you let me down
you tossed me out but just look at me now
theres a smile on my face all thanks to her
shes everything you never were
when im with her its just her and me
next to the world, shes all that i see.
shes in my heart and in my mind
she makes me proud of the past i left behind
thank god you left or id never be happy
you want me depressed but just look at me
im still here and feel more alive
she made me whole and helped my sad life die....
life is harsh and cold
yes that much is true
thats just untill
you meet the one for you.
Thank you Patience

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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