Dreamer... Poem by Haven Leonel


Have you ever had a dream feel more real then reality?
Like a possible analogy of what life could or couldn’t be.
Consider the possibility of dreaming infinitely
Like an hour long dream multiplied by infinity

A life completely free from all brutality
And a world without fatalities
Abnormalities, styles or formalities
No more rules or legalities
Just a perfect life of immortality

That’s the life I see when I close my eyes
In a dream I’m me with no disguise
No one lies, cries, dies, there’s no sorrow
I can live for today and not care about tomorrow

I can be happy and free of anger and pain
I’ve got nothing to lose yet the whole world to gain.
In my dreams everyone always laughs and smiles
You never get tired, even after running 100 miles

You can breathe underwater or jump and fly away
Wish a cold day hotter, or skip the week to Friday
You can win every game and defeat all your enemies
Walk through flames or lift a car with ease

The girl you love would never ignore you
Everyday is perfect and every sky is blue
Its perfect weather, warm and sunny
Everyone helps each other without asking for money.

You can go anywhere you want to in a heartbeat
Where everything is new and life is complete
No wounds, unreachable goals or broken hearts
Nothing and no one can pull you and your loved one apart.

I’d give anything to live in my dreams,
Where life is simple and everything is as it seems
But there is one flaw that ruins my luck
The one bad thing about my dreams….is when I wake up.

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