Ten Years Later

Rating: 1.3

It really is an ugly thing
Quite unbecoming, one should say
It harms you more than you could know
And gives your body a dreadful blow

With death comes pain
With murder remorse
What kept you on
That misguided course?

Was it the stress?
The nerves?
Or just the taste?
A terrible thing; a life it must waste

Without the old predator
Your life is the same
But it fed on you
You were tasty prey

If never did you harm yourself
You’d have thrived in life
Been of great health

But in your life
The path you took
Was killing others
You should’ve looked

Your nasty habits
You should’ve reconsidered
Before your actions
Made you bitter

What could cause such a change in heart?
The death of your daughter, on your part.

I gaze down at you
From heaven’s gate
And deep within me
Can’t help but hate

I thank you for
The change you’ve made
It’s entirely admirable
That stepping-stones have been laid

The heavens are kind
But won’t listen to me
As I beg and plead,
For them to let you be

But the enemy
Has devoured you too
Thanks to cancer
I’ll soon be with you

Second hand smoke
Is a wonderful friend
If your name is cancer
Or you’re looking for life’s end

However, now,
I feel sort of free
The smell no longer
Can embarrass me

I know you didn’t mean to harm me, dad
But death you’ve caused
It’s just too bad

I know you didn’t mean to kill me, mom
But you might as well have
Set a time bomb

I had potential
I wanted to live
To have a family
To raise two kids

Tears I shed
In my safe haven
Please help my brother
You can still save him

Don’t get me wrong
I love you still
I want most to be with you
But it’s out of my will

I’m scared up here
Without my mother
Without my father
Without my brother

Please bring me back
I miss you so
I don’t want you guys
To come visit me though

Too young too die
But in my coffin
I now lie