Terminal Poem by Billy Loving


Of this world, not long to be
From this prison, finally free
No hope, too late
It's only death, I await
Not feeling glum
This condition tiresome
My body broken beyond repair
Pain, too much to bare
Drugs clouding my lucid mind
Some peace trying to find
Everyone will be okay, I suppose
Dreaming of the final time, my eyes will close

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Bri Edwards 19 October 2020

wondering if this is factual and about you, OR just a fine write on a subject all of us will face. I read too quickly at first and misread the meaning somewhat, but now i feel i get it... totally. sounds like a train wreck victim's story. to MyPoemList bri :)

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Billy Loving 19 October 2020

Fiction but watching my stepfather die from lung cancer gives me some experience with this subject.

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Susan Williams 30 September 2020

Given the topic of this poem, I hesitate to rate it... but speaking to its qualities as a poem I give it top marks.... speaking to its topic, you broke my heart

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Susan Williams 30 September 2020

If terminal is the state you are in, I am so sorry it's a hard leave-taking but know that once people read this, they will be praying for you and thinking of you and wanting to be of assistance to you. If you are not in the end stages of life yourself, you must have suffered through the passing of a loved one to write these words and are indeed a powerful poet.

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