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Body bent and twisted
Gnarled fingers gripping his cane
Face weathered with age
An old man enters the bar

A luminous full moon fills the sky
While I sit, I sob and cry
A ghastly site
Lies there in the night

Through the trees
Behind a swarm of bees
Lies a secret trail
They travel without fail

Of this world, not long to be
From this prison, finally free
No hope, too late
It's only death, I await

Relaxing, tantalizing foray
From work, a brief respite
Enjoying a beautiful spring day
In the cooling breeze, I delight

The life of a dog as simple as can be
Simplicity as far as the eye can see
Lying in the sun
No work to be done

I see the risen moon
All will be over soon
I killed him where he lay
In this cell, so long my stay

As I stare at the sky
While the birds fly by
Wind blowing through the trees
A cool winter's breeze

Chilling rain beating down
A day, dark and dreary
Leaves scattered all around
Inside, my soul so weary

Roaring from inside
Angry lion in his cage
His fury unleashed
Razor white teeth showing

In the sky, I see
So many things created
By the moving clouds
Filled with happiness, watching,


Love, reminiscing on the concept
Such a wonderful gift to bestow and accept
It's depth unable to know
In so many ways it can show

Goose floating on the surface
Eyes scanning below
Watching the fish swim around
His bill suddenly striking

Nature's wonders abound
Making not a sound
Fog rolling down the river
Cold making me shiver

Multitudes standing in line
Some so weak, only able to sit
For food, their stomach does pine
Easiness of life we oft forget

In my bed, I sleep
Lost so deep
A dream came to me
Such a beautiful vision to see

Billy Loving Biography

I began writing poetry several years ago. I find it to be relaxing, enjoyable, and therapeutic. I like rhyming poetry, haikus(5-7-5) , Tankas(5-7-5-7-7) , verse and sonnets. I am a stickler for the number of syllables in Japanese poetry. Haikus and tankas are not traditionally named so mine just have a number as means of cataloging them. I have been writing several years now.)

The Best Poem Of Billy Loving

The Silent Old Man

Body bent and twisted
Gnarled fingers gripping his cane
Face weathered with age
An old man enters the bar
Perching himself upon the barstool
Ordering a drink from the bartender
Silently he sips one after another
As the time ticks away
Glazed eyes staring into nowhere
I watch expectantly
If only, his mind I could read
What magnificent stories would lie within?
Too late, I'll never know
As he wobbles out the door
Disappointedly, I take a gulp
And think of what might have been

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Prabir Gayen 24 February 2019

Billy Loving you are a lovely poet....God bless.

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